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Different Cufflinks For That Perfect A+ Look

Dear Men, do you know your cuff-links?

Different Cufflinks For That Perfect A+ Look

Okay, you probably have been putting on cufflinks and studs over the years and you have no clue what they are called. I am here to help you with that. You can thank me after we are done.

So let us start.

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  1. BULLET BACK CLOSURE: This is the most common of all cufflinks and the easiest to put on. This style has a torpedo, or bullet shaped, capsule that swivels between two separate posts. The bullet can be flipped on its axis to manipulate it through the button holes in the cuff, and then flipped to secure the cufflink on the shirt. Different Cufflinks For That Perfect A+ Look
  2. WHALE BACK CLOSURE: It is said that this is the best combination of ease of use and elegance. Although it operates similarly to the bullet back cufflinks, the difference is really in the back. This style has a straight post combined with a flat,  whale tail that flips flat so that it can be inserted, and then flips back in place so that the cuff can be secured. Image result for whale back closures
  3. ONYX STUDS AND BUTTONS: In case you already own a dressy pair of cuff links, here’s an infrequently found set called Studs. They are small and lightweight and they are used to replace shirt buttons. They are the tightest fitting links but also some of the most difficult to apply. Related image
  4. CHAIN LINK: This is the original gangsta cufflinks, the first type worn and made popular. The chain style it has gives a more relaxed and comfortable fit. It ties together any stylish look from day to night and makes you stand out. Image result for Chain link cufflinks
  5. BALL RETURN: This operates similarly to the studs. They are fixed in place and do not have any mechanical or moving pieces. They are easily fixed to cuffs and the ball itself gives your fingers something to push against as you insert it through the cuff’s holes which give you a relaxed fitImage result for ball return cufflinks
  6. SILK KNOT: This is the most casual and inexpensive links. It is usually made from colourful silk material or basic white and black. They are perfect for the office setting without being too dressy and very suitable for casual gatherings.Image result for silk knot cufflinks
  7. LOCKING CUFFLINKS: These Dual-Action cufflinks are a contemporary style that works like a clip, where the cufflink hinges in the middle to slip into the buttonholes, and then clips shut to grip the fabric.Related image


To close this post about Cufflinks, matching your cufflinks to your shirt colour gets a little tricky just because of the number of options available. I will advise that you invest in one simple set of gold cufflinks and one simple set of silver or white gold cufflinks to make things easier for you.

When you aren’t wearing a white or black shirt, a rule of thumb is to match the colour of the cufflinks to your shirt using the same colour but in a different shade. This approach minimizes risk and keeps you looking polished.


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