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Didn’t Like Prince Harry? These 15 Regal Facts About Him Might Change Your Mind For Life

Prince Harry has been making headlines ever since he announced his engagement to Meghan  Markle. As a member of the royal family, a lot of things have been reported about him over the years but there are still some facts you probably do not know about him.

Here are 15 regal facts about Prince Harry

1. Although he is better known as Prince Harry, Harry’s full name is actually Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor of Wales.

Prince Harry Facts

2. He was christened at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on December 21, 1984 by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

3. As a child, he was constantly bossed around by his big brother Prince William who gained the nickname of “the basher” because he was considered the naughty one.

4. At the time of his birth, he was third in line for the British throne but the birth of his brother’s three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis make him the sixth in line.

Lord Mountbatten Facts

5. For the most part, Harry was an outstanding student. He got As and Bs. His lowest grade was in Geography in which he got a D.

6. Although he did well in his studies, he didn’t fare so well with his school mates. He found it difficult making friends and was reportedly picked on by bullies.

7. When Harry was just 12, his mother Princess Diana died in a tragic accident. According to him, this affected him deeply and gave him nightmares for years after.

Didn't Like Prince Harry? These 15 Regal Facts About Him Might Change Your Mind For Life

8. However things became better for him when his father took him to South Africa to meet with Nelson Mandela. Harry says this made him more cheerful and ever since he has been fascinated with Africa.

9. For a long time, he was known for his wild partying ways. Things got so out of hand that his father was prompted to take him to a rehab centre where he spent the day learning about the effects of drugs and alcohol.

10. Harry likes a lot of sports but he is a big fan of soccer. He supports Arsenal and often attends Emirates stadium on match day.

Prince Harry Facts

11. While at Eton College, the prince was accused of forging some of his coursework. After an investigation was carried out, he was cleared of any wrongdoing.

12. His username for his private Facebook account was “Spike Wells”. However, the account has since been deactivated.

13. After graduating from Sandhurst, Prince Harry joined the household cavalry and was deployed to Iraq. However, the army was forced to withdraw Harry’s deployment after due to public pressure. People were not only concerned for his safety but also for other soldiers who could be in danger when he is company. Harry was not pleased at decision of the army, saying he wouldn’t have joined in the first place if he couldn’t participate in a combat role.

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Prince Harry Facts

14. He is known for his charitable work around the world. He helps veterans and he has also contributed to helping children with HIV in Botswana and Lesotho.

15. Although the prince has had so many female admirers over the years, Meghan Markle ended up being the lucky one. The Suits star met Harry in Toronto.  It didn’t take long for them to get engaged and soon, they were married!


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