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Did You Know There Are Diseases That Actually Give People Superpowers? Read On To Find Out

Did You Know There Are Diseases That Actually Give People Superpowers? Read On To Find Out

Nobody likes to be sick. It causes us discomfort and prevents us from doing certain things. Luckily for most of us, we only become sick once in a while and get better after receiving treatment.

But what about those that suffer from chronic ailments? It’s more difficult for them because they have to live with a disease for a long period of time.

Most diseases are dangerous and come with a lot of discomfort but there are a few rare diseases that look like super powers.These diseases literally enable their victims do some extraordinary things that normal people cannot do. In other words, they make their victims similar to superheroes.

In this post, you’ll learn about some of them.

Super memory 

How many times were you studying for an exam and you wished you remembered everything at a go? Well, this is actually a condition and it is called hyperthymesia. People with hyperthymesia can remember every event of their life down to every little detail. There are only about 60 people in this world who have been diagnosed with this rare disease.

Insensibility to pain

In-born analgesia is the name of a condition in which a person doesn’t feel any form of pain. Like, nothing at all. While this condition seems like a cool feature a superhero can have, it comes with a big danger. Pain is the signal our bodies use to inform us that something has gone wrong with it. If a person with analgesia cannot receive this signal from their body, then this puts them at great risk. Imagine a child who has broken its bone but does not cry out because it doesn’t know that something is wrong. Hmmm… does this still look like a cool condition to have?

Ability to literally do anything 

This rare condition, called savant syndrome, gives its victims the ability to learn literally anything. It is usually found in people with developmental disorders such as autism or Asperger’s syndrome. People with savant syndrome are extremely gifted in music, drawing and painting, calculation, cartography, and developing 3D models. In fact, some of them can tell you the day of the week for any given day or festival!

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Insensitivity to cold 

Like people who don’t react to pain, there are people who are highly nonreactive to cold. One good example is Wim Hof, a man from the Netherlands, also known as the ‘Ice Man’. Wif Hof can stand exceptionally low temperatures. Due to this rare disease, he once went through a pipe with solidifying water and ice for 120 minutes, climbed to the highest point of Mount Blanc wearing only shorts, and even swims under the ice of solidified lakes and waterways. Unbelievable! Right?

Absence of fear 

At first, this looks like a cool ability because it means you can face any scary situation and not feel any fear. But someone without dread is defenseless to hazardous circumstances that can cause them damage. Interestingly, there are just 300 cases of these rare disease and a quarter of them were discovered in South Africa.


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