Did You know? Fun Facts About Chocolates

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When it melts in your mouth, it tastes is so good! , Men hoard it, kids always want more, women adore it, and for most people, Valentine day isn’t complete without eating it- wondering what that could be? It is nothing but our darling chocolate.

Chocolate is food produced from the seeds of a cocoa bean, It is used in different desserts like cake, candy, ice-cream, etc. Very few of us are familiar with facts about this delicious food. So, today we are going to learn some fun facts about chocolates.

Check out how many of these facts were known to you.

1. The chocolate bar is more than 100 years old.
The first chocolate bar was made in England way back in 1842, by the Cadbury company made the very first chocolate bar. This company is still in existence and is very popular for their delicious Easter-themed treats.

2. Cocoa beans were used as a currency

Cocoa beans were so valuable to early Mayans and Aztecs, that they were used as currency. The Aztecs could buy a turkey for 100 cocoa beans, a rabbit for 4 cocoa beans, and so much more.

3. Chocolate is food for the gods.
The scientific name for the tree that chocolate comes from is known as ” Theobroma cacao” which means food of the God’s.

4. A chocolate bar that cost more than an iPhone X.
The world’s most expensive chocolate bar is the “Wispa Gold”, it is wrapped in an edible gold leaf and cost a staggering $1,430 per bar.

5. Chocolate prevents heart disease.
Eating dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by one third. Also, dark chocokate lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. However, eating too much of it can detrimental to one’s health.

6. A chocolate bar that weighs more than an SUV.
The world largest chocolate bar weighs 5,792.50 kg and was created by Thorntons PLC. The ingredients used for making this enormous bar of chocolate were sugar, milk, butter oil, cocoa butter, emulsifier, and cocoa mass.

7. Africa is the new home of cocoa.
Despite its Amazonia roots, nearly 70% of the world’s supply comes from Africa. Cote d’Ivoire is the largest single producers providing about 30% of the world’s cocoa.

8. Making Chocolate Is Hard Work
If I were to give you a bar of chocolate, you will probably finish it in minutes, but making it actually takes time and require a lot of effort, It takes 400 Cocoa beans to make just one pound of chocolate.



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