Devices you should get as a car owner to make your life easier

Whether it just an hour road trip within your State or you are traveling from Lagos to Kaduna having good gadgets in your backpack will help make traveling enjoyable. Driving is fun, but sometimes the experience may get tiring and dangerous when you find your self in stranded in an isolated area by a flat tire or dead battery. Nobody wants to have a horrible road trip, we all want a road trip with no stress at all. Thanks to technology, we can now have that. If you want to have an enjoyable and stress-free road trip, here some tech gadgets, you should always have.

A car Digital Video Recorder system, popularly known as dash cam is an ideal gadget for every road trip. Dashcam helps shoots all the memorable event while you drive and useful in cases of accident. Although the front and rear-facing camera won’t protect you from a crash it will help provide video evidence to prove is to blame for the accident. With a Dashcam, you can play the footage of your road trip, upload it on Social media or show your traveling adventure to friends and family.

Dashcams can shoot up to 20-30 frames per second and most of the Most of the camera automatically turns on immediately you turn on the car and goes off as soon the car engine turns off. Latest Dashcams comes with a wide viewing angle and an amazing resolution of 1080p. In addition, a Dashcam assists in reserving the car for amateur drivers.

Bluetooth Car Kit
According to studies, drivers tend to be more attentive when they listen to music. A car with an excellent sound system and a good selection of music will make your road trip fun. With a Bluetooth car kit, you will not need CDs or the traditional USB cables to connect your phone and select songs.

Once a Bluetooth Car Kit is plugged into your car, your phone links up to the gadget allowing you to play music and receive calls conveniently.

GPS Tracker
If you are the kind of person that worries about the location of your car then you must have this gadget with you all the time. With a GPS car tracker, you will always know where your car is.

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🌏Так что же такое GPS трекер и как он работает? ❗GPS-трекер/маяк это небольшое устройство, которое имеет возможность, благодаря связи со спутником, определять свои координаты. И затем, после нехитрых манипуляций (т.е. команд), передавать эти координаты своему хозяину (т.е. Вам). ✔️Принцип работы устройства следующий: после включения происходит соединение GPS приемника со спутниками и определение координат. Затем оборудование в заданном режиме передает информацию о местонахождении устройства на мобильный телефон или специальный сервер, где происходит обработка информации.Еще один вариант – сохранение данных об изменении координат во встроенной памяти устройства. 📍Выбор конкретной модели зависит как от технических характеристик, так и от области применения оборудования. В следующих постах я постараюсь более подробно рассказать о каждой из них. Увидимся😉 #gps #gpstracker #gpsтрекер #gpsтрекеркраснодар #смартчасы #smartwatch #smartчасы #автосигнализация

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The gadget is linked with a smartphone through the internet and can help your loved ones know your location when you are on the road just in case something goes wrong or your phone can no longer be reached.

Smart Car Adapter
This is one of the most important tech gear you must have while on the road. This device is plugged into the onboard diagnostic port of a car. After being plugged, it collects all sorts of data from the car. The Smart Car Adapter is it with a smartphone. The device is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It recognizes all sorts of problems in the engine, remembers the exact place you last parked your car, and it tracks and gives you directions.

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The most fascinating about this device is that it can help you make an emergency call if an accident happens.


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