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Debunking Conspiracy Theories: Why Man Actually Landed On The Moon

Debunking Conspiracy Theories: Why Man Actually Landed On The Moon

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on the moon in 1969, the world stood still. Millions of people across the world watched this significant moment on television.

The moon landing has since reinforced the notion that anything is possible as far as space exploration is concerned.

With all the proof that shows the moon landing occurred, there are still a subset of people who doubt it. They’ve come up with a conspiracy theory that NASA faked the moon landing.

Here are a few reasons why these theorists are wrong and why the moon landing did indeed happen:

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Thousands Of Lunar Rocks 

Debunking Conspiracy Theories: Why Man Actually Landed On The Moon

When astronauts returned from their mission on the moon, they came back with over 842 pounds (382 kg) of rock found on its surface. Since then, these rocks have been distributed to many countries around the world and studied by various scientists. The results of these studies show that these rocks are indeed from the moon.

Furthermore, these rocks contain small particles of glass or sperules. These glass particles would have been disintegrated by the elements if they were naturally produced on earth. But because they are from the moon, they remained intact. Glass particles in space survive for long.

Footprints On The Moon

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The footprints of astronauts who embarked on the Apollo missions are still present on the moon to this day. On earth, these footprints would have been erased long ago due to winds, animal activity, and the overall atmospheric activities that occur on the planet. The moon, however,does not support any of these conditions, hence these footprints have remained intact.

Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which only started orbiting the moon in 2000, has captured several photographs of these footprints. Independent spacecraft from countries like Japan, China, and India have also spotted these footprints.

The Van Allen Belts 

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The Van Allen belts are zones of highly charged energetic radiation that surround the earth. The general belief among conspiracy theorists is that any human passing through these belts would be exposed to lethal radiation.

People contact radiation sickness when they’ve been exposed to about 200 to 1000 rads of radiation within a few hours.

It took the Apollo 11 crew less than two hours to travel through these belts while embarking on the moon mission. Also, the estimated amount of radiation they would have been exposed to is about 18 rads which is considered safe.

The NASA spacecraft that conveyed the astronauts was insulated properly so they were exposed to an average dose of radiation of just 0.18 rads.

Do you have more reasons why the moon landing occurred? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share this post with your conspiracy theorist friends and see if they will change their minds!


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