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Dear Tourist: Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Things to do when traveling that will make your trip even more unforgettable

Dear Tourist: Things You Should Do Every Time You Travel

Whether you are an Ajala or not, there are certain things that will make your travelling so much more than just visiting the tourist sights. While must-see attractions are always fun and nice, be sure to find the time for less documented spots too. You can transition from tourist to traveler in the space of one trip. Take note of all the things to do when travelling which will make your trip even better.

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  1. Get tips from locals: I know you are tempted to stay on your lane and hole up in your hotel or just go to the specified tourist spots in your list but please try talking to the locals. While keeping your safety in mind, please challenge yourself to do something, anything.
  2. Take Public Transportation: I know you are thinking that you will be lost in another country so you want to stick to cab and Uber. It cannot help you o because there’s really no better way to get a feel for the full scope of a city than by taking public transportation. Just be sure to hold a map, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. And if you find out that you are lost, ask a local.
  3. Record your Memories: This cannot be over-emphasized enough. Take photos, as much as you can and then create a folder online and save it there. Allow yourself every ability to look back on the trip and remember the most extraordinary details whether big or small.
  4. Dine in the neighborhood: Find truly authentic neighborhood restaurants by talking to the locals. Let them tell you where to find it cheaper and better. If you’re adventurous, follow their food recommendations without asking google for what the meal contains,
  5. Respect local customs: Before you embark on your trip, read up on the essentials of their culture, what to do and not to do so you’re not clueless and acting anyhow upon arrival.
  6. Get out of your comfort zone: Eat something new and different. Try something that scares you just thinking about it. Whatever your comfort zone is, push yourself outside of it and have a truly great and memorable trip that will teach you something about yourself.
  7. Forget Google Map: Thanks to our phones and the GPS systems, losing our way has been erased. But won’t it be fun to take a walk as long as you have nowhere to be and you’re not putting yourself in danger to familiarize yourself with the place you are and stumble upon unexpected things? Wouldn’t it be?


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