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Dear Men, You Should Know When To Stop

Please you should know when to stop. Read this to get some hints.

Dear Men You Should Know When To Stop

Men, accessorizing should not be overdone. Overdoing it makes you look like you are desperate to feel among. Accessorizing is like salt, If it is not present, the dish will taste bland and if it is in excess, you will likely spit it out. But add just the right amount and it enhances the flavours of the dish and makes just right.

People generally think that accessorizing has to be loud and eye-catching for it took great. What they forget is there is more power in subtly accessorizing.

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  1. Too much FragranceThis one, I do not understand. Do you want to finish the bottle in one week or you want to use yourself as an Air freshener?  Yes, a man who smells good is attractive, very attractive indeed but, wearing too much deodorant, perfume or cologne comes off as Mr To Do and gives people a headache or even catarrh because of the constant sneezing. Fragrance should be subtle. It should never be choking.
  2. Belt ClipsThis one too confuses me. Are you coming from the year 1940 or you have plans to visit them in that year because that is the only explanation for belt clips. It leaves you looking outdated and unfashionable, it also damages your belt and style. Put the stuff you need to strap in your pocket or a man purse, please avoid strapping stuff to your belt.
  3. ScarvesScarves are a good thing o. A very beautiful addition to an outfit but it only looks cool when there is a bit of cold in the air but wearing it all day, like every day even when it is warm makes you look stupid. Like seriously Sir. In fact, I will advise that you ditch the scarf altogether, leave it for the ladies. Men, If cold is catching you, wear a sweater or jacket.
  4. Socks with SandalsSome of you just like giving the rest of us a headache. You will just wake up and ask yourself, how will I tension people today. Yes, let me wear socks on my sandals or slippers. Just because. Please just in case nobody told you, wearing socks with sandals is a major fashion faux pas. A BIG no no. It is something that you should avoid. Avoid it like the plague.
  5. Man JewelryJewelry is very good and I am an advocate for it, especially for Men. What I am not an advocate of is overdoing it. Wearing all jewelry pieces without even taking note of your surroundings. You will wear a neck chain, wear wrist bands, wear ring, wear a beaded bracelet. Ahan, only you Sir. Stick to accessorizing like a gentleman. Wear jewelry but don’t be loud about it.

We hope we have being able to convince you and not confuse you that just the barest minimum is the best way to go.


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