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Dear Men, All of Your Looks Can Be Pulled Together Into One

You can pull all your look together with these 5 simple tips.

All of Your Looks Can Be Pulled Together Into One

Your outfit can appear different in a matter of minutes, depending on what you add or subtract to it.  Some Men think it is a plus when they look as if they just rolled out of bed and stepped into the first piece of clothing they could find. Here is a quick look at a single look and a few simple tips to pull your look together with ease.

  1. Looking Fly: You can make sure that your look is crisp by wearing high-quality pieces that look classy and match. Shirts that are resistant to wrinkles so you don’t have to be bothered about wrinkles. It is okay to accessorize as a guy. Keep it simple though and don’t make the mistake of over accessorizing. Over-accessorizing can lead to distraction from the overall look, and you don’t want that.
  2. Blazers: A blazer is a good way to state your presence as a man, you should invest in a piece or two for your wardrobe and then actually wear it. Blazers will take your appearance from a low note to a very high one.
  3. Jeans: Your pair of Jeans says a lot about you. The absolute minimal jean color for men is in dark blue. This can be a good plus when it comes to pulling a look together and because it is a jean, they work well with just about anything.
  4. Shoes: Shoes will always be an important part of any look. Your shoes speak a lot about you and it definitely says a lot about your whole look. You should definitely get comfortable ones that are good looking and can be used with more than a single dress look. A great pair of shoes is one that will and bring all you wear together. You need to have both casual and dress shoes so that whatever look you are going for, it can be pulled off.
  5. Scent: There’s something about a man who walks by and smells good, it can be a massive turn on. As a man, you need to put some effort into finding your preferred scent and then you need to apply it sparingly; just a spritz at the neck and on your wrist should be okay. Too much is definitely not sexy.

Doing fashion the right way is as easy as these 5 tips. Put some effort in looking good and it will definitely pay you in the long run. Every woman appreciates a good looking man even if it is not acknowledged verbally.


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