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Dealing With The Feeling of Depression

Dealing With The Feeling of Depression

What is Depression?

Dealing With The Feeling of Depression

Depression is not something that you have made up in your head. It’s feeling “down” and “low” and “hopeless” for months at a time.

Depression can affect people at any age, of any race, any ethnic, or any economic group. It doesn’t just happen to soft people and is truly an equal opportunity illness. It is not a form of weakness but is a serious health problem, like any other illness.

It is not something which should be hidden or anything to be embarrassed about. Depression is a thief. It comes into your life, steals your energy and self-esteem, and whispers to you that you are worthless. It shoves you down deeper into the bottom of the pit where no angels want to go. It can even drive you to consider suicide.

Symptoms of Depression

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Most people who get depressed for the first time have a hard time realizing what it is. As a matter of fact, it is often someone close to you who asks what is wrong, what is going on? This sort of makes you think that yes, there is a problem and there are things which are going wrong.

Here are some very typical symptoms of depression:

Feelings of sadness and emptiness

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When you have a friend who constantly talks about how sad and empty they are or they feel, you can tell that that person is getting close to feeling depressed.

Hopeless that things will get better

Feeling hopeless and that things could not get any better is something to look out for. once you feel that way, depression sets in.

Saying that they are no good and worthless

People who are depressed or close to depressed often say things like “they are useless and no good to anyone”. Avoid those words.

No interest in anything

Depressed individuals usually do not take any interest in most things an have an air of “I don’t care” attitude towards life.

Some personality changes that may occur when someone is depressed or close to being depressed include:

  • Being unable to make smart and proper decisions.
  • Unable to concentrate and remember the most trivial of things.
  • Having trouble communicating either at home, work, or even in school.
  • May decide to start hiding out and always isolated.


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