Create your home made wall art in 30minutes

Do you know you can easily create from stunning wall art from paper? There are many ways to make beautiful wall art using papers. A bunch of newspapers can be transformed into a stylish wall hanging with little effort. Check out these two methods:

Materials Needed
i. Old newspapers
ii. Glue
iii. Scissors
iv. Wall pins
v. Ribbon
vi. Paintbrush
vii. Paint
viii. Decorative Embellishments (Stickers, beads, etc.)

Step 1: Hold a newspaper and fold it in half, twice and cut it using scissors. After that, roll the pencil with the help of the pencil and glue it in the end. You need to about 50-100 paper sticks gorgeous sized wall hanging. However, the number may be different depending on the thickness of the rolls.

Step 2: Get the pencil and roll a paper stick at the middle of the pencil in a perpendicular manner. When you are halfway, remove the pencil and use your hands to turn the rest of it. Take your glue and apply it at the end of the paper strip roll. Then you can start adding new rolls on top of it. You can use glue to attach another stick and continue the rolling process. Most times, it takes about 10-12 paper sticks to get a medium-sized roll.

Step 3: Get some small rolls to add them to.the sides of big rolls, so that it will make a circle. Apply some glue to the top part of the rolls. This procedure helps to strengthen the form. After that, protrude the ring by pushing a little bit from one side of the roll. Continue the steps with the other small, medium and bigger roles. Arrange the rolls to your preference.

Step 4: Apply color paints of your choice and decorative embellishment to beautify the rolls. If you like, you can glue some shinning time stickers or flower in the middle of the rolls. Before hanging it, make a bow at the top with colorful ribbons and hold it firm with wall pins. Now your beautiful wall art is ready.

Materials Needed
i. Picture frame
ii. Paint
iii. Cardboard paper
iv. Rock
v. Twigs
vi. Glue
vii. Pen or marker


Step one: Paint frame
Pick a solid color of your choice. Ensure you go through the paint directions and allow appropriate drying time between coats.

Step two: Cut cardboard
While waiting for the paint to dry very well. Measure the interior frame size and cut the cardboard carefully to fit.

Step three: Glue
Place the twigs and rock on the cardboard to Get an idea of how they will fit together. Wash the stones if they have dirt and trim the twigs. After that, glue each piece in place.

Step four: Drawing
As soon as the glue gets dry, Use the pencil or marker to draw an image of your choice like bird beaks and legs.

Step five: Put it together
Remove the glass of the frame and place the cardboard into the frame. Hang your beautiful work or on the wall or a table.



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