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Couples, You are to quit these marriage habits almost immediately

These habits are unhealthy for your marriage

Couples, You are to quit these marriage habits almost immediately

The work does not end just because you are married. You need to put in as much as work as you did while dating. Some people forget this and then have habits that are not healthy for their marriage.

In that spirit, this post is letting you in on 7 things you should stop doing in your marriage ASAP

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  • COMPLAINING TO YOUR FRIENDS: This point is number 1 for a big reason. I know you just feel like complaining to someone I mean, some things are just really hard to bring up to your spouse and you feel as though you will crash if someone doesn’t know what you’re dealing with. Complaining about your husband to others is one of the worst things you can do for your relationship with him. You should stop it.
  • LAYING IN BED ON THE PHONE: I know that relaxing on the bed is just our go-to thing to relax and wind down before we sleep. But think about the moments lying in bed spent not talking, not thinking about each other, scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and letting the moments slip by where you could be talking about your future, your past, your children, praying together, or just cuddling and laughing. Just think of all the special moments that are lost in the few minutes between getting in bed and falling asleep.
  • KNOWING YOUR SPOUSE TOO WELL: The point is, give your husband or wife the chance to do what he or she says they are going to do, even if you think they won’t. Have a heart-to-heart if you need to just remember to give them the benefit of the doubt and be forgiving.
  • RESENTING SEX:  Sometimes the demands of life, work, family and the other little things make Sex began to feel like another empty box on the to-do list rather than a release and time of intimacy. You need to put the other things into a box and deal with the intimacy before it becomes an issue
  • HAVING FRIENDS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX: The only best friend of the opposite sex that a married person needs is their spouse. Yeah, you have coworkers, acquaintances, and mutual friends, but not best friends. If you need to confide in someone, let it be your spouse or a friend of the same gender. I know this might not be a popular one, but cutting out the possibility of jealousy, competition, and suspicion makes marriage a whole lot simpler for both you and your spouse.
  • ALWAYS DOING YOUR OWN THING: This part s not asking you to be somebody else or always dependent on your partner. Be your own person, love your own hobbies, have your own preferences BUT do stuff with that man or woman that you married, I mean, you live together, you might as well do stuff together.
  • FORGETTING TO LAUGH: Let’s be real, your husband or wife didn’t get married so they could have an in-house maid or handyman. They want a friend, a lover, a companion, gist partner and all-round okay person. Don’t forget to be your wife or your husband’s friend.


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