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Countries That Will Pay You To Move There

Wanting to leave your current country for greener pastures, here are a few countries that will pay you to do so

Countries That Will Pay You To Move There

There are a few countries that offer incentives, financial or otherwise, for moving, like Alaska, Mauritius, and Korea.

To get paid to move is probably fitting for many people, and because some of these countries might not be the easiest to immigrate to, it’s definitely important to ask how much do you get paid to live in these countries that have incentives for moving there.

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  1. CHILE: The Chilean government started a special program for funding startups in 2010, irrespective of where they are from, the government will pay them $50.000 in order for the business to start. It’s a great place to start a business, as the taxes and costs are low and the government has already successfully financed businesses.
  2. CANDELA, ITALY: Candela is a very charming and calm town but sadly, it’s been on the decline ever since the 90s  when the town had over 8000 inhabitants. Now there are less than 2700, so the mayor is offering money for people to move there. The offer starts from 800 euros for singles, and over 2000 for whole families of 4 or more, but there’s a catch to it. People that choose to accept this offer have to find a job in Candela with a minimum salary of 7500 euros per year.
  3. KOREA, VIETNAM AND THAILAND: These three countries offer programs that are aimed at people from Europe and the United States, and the programs are about teaching English and other courses. There are a few minute details that are different between these countries – Korea pays better generally, while Vietnam and Thailand are cheaper to live in.
  4. DENMARK: Denmark started offering reasons for businesses from all across the world to move there. Even though the country won’t directly pay you to move, it does have a very interesting offer. If you plan to move or start a business you’ll have instant access to their health and welfare systems. Denmark’s entire system is one of the most generous in the entire world.
  5. MAURITIUS: The government of Mauritius has started a very unique program that offers incentives to startups that might be one of the most experimental programs in the world. All you have to do is prove to a committee that your idea is not only unique but also viable and has a good chance to grow. If you get approved you’ll get a modest allowance of 20.000 Mauritian Rupees.
  6. NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT: The US is not one of the easiest countries to immigrate to but a beautiful city that offers excellent incentives to anyone wishing to relocate is New Haven. You will be offered $10.000 in an interest-free loan, with an extra $2,500 if you’re a city employee, teacher, police officer, firefighter, or military member. If that wasn’t enough, there are free tuitions for local public school graduates for the students of the families that have relocated there.

Please visit the official websites of these countries to confirm if the said incentives are applicable to people from your country.

Best of luck.


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