Common Reasons Many Couples Break up Around Valentine’s Day

Statistics has shown that breakups happen around February 14th. The question is, why?

Valentine ’s Day, which can be seen as a day for romance and love, is the period where the highest numbers of breakups happen in a year.

These are the key reasons why many couples break up around Valentine’s Day.


  1. The pressure of expectations

February 14th is a day marked with representation of love through the gift you present. Many partners have different expectations of what they want from their significant other.

The expectations this day always create unrealistic hope of where your relationship should be and the gesture you expect from your partner.

This can cause undue pressure, which often lead to breakup.


  1. Social media comparisons

Social media is the platform where people share their experiences such as the places they are traveling, what they are receiving as gifts, etc. This creates a basis for people to compare their lives.

Sadly, most of these are unrealistic and different from what happens in their real lives. They conceal pain, failures, heartbreak and create unrealistic things that display fake happiness.

When couples compare their lives with that of their friends and social media, they often become unfulfilled and depressed because they believe that their partner cannot live up to their expectations. This pressure destroys relationships.


  1. The relationship is already in crisis

A relationship that is already facing crisis before valentine will crumble due to the demands and stress of V-day.

For instance, if a partner is putting in so much effort to make the relationship work but the other doesn’t appreciate the hard work, the partner will just give up.

Also, if a frustrated partner expects something from the significant other but do not get anything in return, Valentine’s day will become the moment to walk away.


Are you encountering one of these? Take control now and prevent your relationship from crumbling!


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