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Common Problems In The Workplace and How To Solve Them

Common Problems In The Workplace & How To Solve Them

Most of your life as an adult is spent at work and with colleagues, which makes ensuring a good work environment and work relationships important in your well-being. Whether you are the employer or the employee, no one is exempted from working together for the betterment of the company.

When you spend so much time with the same people, it is often inevitable that you will encounter problems with each other, no matter how hard we try to put our best foot forward at work. Personality clashes due to different personalities and views as well as communication style, among others, are bound to occur, and for a lot of people, work issues are a common source of stress, which could lead to anxiety and even depression.

For a worker with poor social skills and having only the workplace as a means of socialization, this could impact his or her self-esteem and the way he or she deals with people outside work. At a time wherein the whole world is starting to recognize the importance of mental health, knowing the common workplace issues and preparing solutions for them way before they occur could help maintain a healthy work environment and as a result, have happy employees.

Here are some of those problems along with their respective solutions.

1. Overwhelming Workload

If you are finding it hard to take some break, even file for vacation leaves, out of fear that you’ll get drowned into the amount of work that just keeps piling up, talk with your manager. You may already be working extended hours just to catch up. Ask for a meeting, ideally at a time when you both aren’t on a rush, and explain how your workload has become hard to manage. It may be because an account has doubled in size or certain responsibilities of someone on leave or someone who left the company were passed on to you. Suggest some solutions, such as prioritizing certain tasks.

2. Not Getting That Promotion

You’ve been setting your eyes on a certain position, but that promotion was given to someone else. While this isn’t an unusual occurrence, it can negatively affect your job performance as an employee. Consider speaking with your manager and let him or her know that you had hoped for that opportunity, and ask for suggestion on what could be done to improve your chances in the future.

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3. Conflict With Colleagues

Teamwork in the workplace is critical in any business. With the help of trainings aimed at encouraging and strengthening teamwork, companies can benefit much from having a mix of individuals who work well together.

However, there are times when you clash with a fellow co-worker. It may be tempting to snap back when that certain employee is being difficult and is very argumentative towards you, but it is best to speak to the person in a non-accusatory tone. Acknowledge the person’s passion towards his or her job as well as the hard work he or she has done. Ask for a meeting with that person to calmly discuss what can be done to settle your differences. Most often than not, it is merely a misunderstanding. Never underestimate the power of proper communication.

4. Committing A Mistake That Harms The Team

When you have committed a major mistake such as losing a major account, don’t duck from the responsibility. Face your boss and own up to your mistake. Tell your head what exactly happened as soon as possible, making it clear to him or her that you understand it is a big deal and what lessons you have learned from that mistake. Share how you want to resolve or alleviate the damage and how you can prevent it from happening again. Your boss will appreciate your honesty and willingness to rectify the situation, and will instead be able to assess how well you have learned from that mistake.

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Conflicts are almost unavoidable at work, but being able to handle them as professionally as you can will help prevent problems from escalating and maintain a smooth working relationship among colleagues.


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