Common Mistakes That You Do While Following a Keto Diet


What is a Ketogenic diet? Those who are struggling with overweight or have obesity undergo the specially build diet program known as Ketogenic diet.

Under this diet which is very popular in Nigeria, you are prescribed to take high fat, a low carbohydrate that is primarily used to burn fat.

But people who follow the Ketogenic diet do various mistakes that make their efforts worthless.

Not Eating Enough Fat: When you are following a strict diet chart, it’s essential to consider each and every prescription seriously. But generally, you skip taking the right amount of fat that leaves you below your expectations. The exact ratio varies from person to person. So, what your body actually deserve, depend upon your physician supported with the diet chart provided by him. In Short, the Keto-diet results can vary from person to person.

Eating Too Much Saturated Fat: Fat is basically categorized as saturated and non-saturated fat. There is no doubt that under the Keto-diet, you are recommended to take high fat intake, but this does mean to cross the limit of prescribed saturated fat limit. The increase in saturated fat intake generally causes various health issues like heart disease, increase cholesterol. In some cases, your improper diet plan under the Ketogenic diet can even cause constipation.


Not Taking Enough Water: Water has always been an essential diet that you should never miss in your daily life. It is also considered as the treatment for numerous health ailments. But under the Ketogenic diet, you are recommended to take a good amount of water to avoid dehydration. Actually, the decrease in carbohydrate amount in your diet decreases the water level in your life which you should cover simultaneously. Hence water intake is essential to maintain its ratio and protect you from unpredictable dehydration.

Overtake Cheat Meals: During your Ketogenic Diet plan, you are following a strict diet chart that will deliver a positive result at the end. But in that tenure, you are even allowed to have a few cheat meals. However many of you go for too much cheat meals that make your entire efforts worthless and bring the results to zero. The purpose of your strict Ketogenic diet chart vanishes and you neither lost nor gain any results.

You are Taking Too much Protein: There is a strict limitation to each and every micronutrient required for your body when you are following the Ketogenic diet. But in this diet plan, people generally start following a high protein diet that directly put additional load on your kidney and makes it work quicker. This gives birth to various kidney associated problems. When you are prescribed a specific amount of protein, you should not move above the limit and keep it restricted to gain maximum positive results.

So, these are the mistakes that you should never do while following the Ketogenic diet. We know it can be overwhelming when dealing with body fats and your weight, but it is good to follow the right calendar to justifies all the sacrifices you have made in exercising the Keto diet


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