Clear Signs You’re Dating an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Have you ever ended up with a woman that is rarely available when you need her? This means that you’ve been in a relationship with an emotionally unavailable woman.

Emotionally unavailable women can leave you confused and you start to wonder who exactly you’re dating. This is because one minute, they’re hot and the other minute, they’re cold.

How can you tell if you’re dating an emotionally unavailable woman? Below are four signs to tell.

  1. The relationship revolves around her

Is she unwilling to compromise? Do you find yourself changing your schedule in order to meet up with her own routine?

A woman who is emotionally unavailable will not go out of the way to satisfy her partner.

  1. Your partner is very casual about the relationship

Is she someone that sees the relationship as a casual one? Will she disappear for days without prior notice and return without finding it necessary to give an explanation?

A woman who sees the relationship as not being serious is emotionally unavailable.

  1. You don’t feel like your partner gets you

You find yourself knowing all about your partner; her future dreams, favourite food, celebrity crush, but yet, she seems to know very little about you.

Do you feel that you’re the one striving to make the relationship work without any effort from the other party? This may mean that she is emotionally unavailable.

  1. She guilt trips you

Do you always apologize even when you’re not at fault? Do you feel guilty all the time in your relationship and not being able to explain why? This might be because she guilt trips you.


If your partner continues to find flaws in you and you find yourself forgiving consistently, then it is time to re-evaluate your relationship.



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