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Checkout These 10 Famous Logos And Their Hidden Meanings That You Never Noticed

From Adidas to Apple, we see various famous brands everywhere. But do we ever consider what their logos mean? Today, we take a look at 10 famous company logos around the world and their hidden meanings. Some of these logos have meanings that are simple yet brilliant but others represent things that you would never have thought.

Below are the 10 famous logos and their meanings.

1. Amazon

A first look at Amazon’s logo would make the observer think it’s nothing special. However, the logo symbolizes something interesting; it’s a representation of the company’s philosophy. The red arrow is similar to a smile because Amazon wants to satisfy its customers. The arrow is also stretched between letter “a” and “z” to signify that the company sells absolutely every product. Now, that’s a creative concept!

2. Hyundai

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Many people think the Hyundai logo represents the first letter of its name, but that is not the case. The logo symbolises two people: a client and a representative of the company shaking hands. This shows that Huyndai believes in customer satisfaction.

3. Apple 

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The apple logo is one of the most catchy logos in the world. Rob Janoff, the creator of the logo, explained his idea for the logo in an interview. He said he included the bite in the apple to make it clear to people that it was an apple and not a cherry.

4. Adidas

The name Adidas derives its name from the founder of the company Adolf Dassler. Although the company’s logo has changed over time, it has always included three stripes. The current logo’s stripes are shaped to form a triangle which represents a mountain. This in turn represents the struggles that all sportsmen face to get to the the top.

5. Toyota

The Toyota logo represents the stylised image of a needle eye with a thread passing through it. This is a pointer to the company’s past: they used to produce weaving machines before they switch to making cars. Also, the individual parts of the logo are representations of the letters of the company’s name.

6. Formula 1 

If you take a really close look at the space in between the letter “F” and the red stripes, you would notice that it forms the number “1”. The red stripes in the Formula 1 logo are also a representation of the high speed of Formula 1 cars.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms where people collect their favourite images from across the internet and pin them to their online boards. That’s why the first letter of “P” contains the hidden image of a pin. Simple and clear!

8. BMW

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People believe that the central part of the BMW logo represents the rotating blades of an airplane. This is perhaps due to the company’s early history of aviation technology. Moreover, it is a part of the Bavarian flag in Germany where the company originated.

9. LG

The LG logos is a stylized image of a person’s face. This is a representation of the company’s aspiration to have ordinary human relations with their customers.


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Elephant are known for their impressive memories. That is why Evernote, a note taking application, uses this animal as part of its logo.

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Which of these logo meanings surprised you the most? And which other ones do you know? Tell us in the comments section.


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