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Checkout The 7 Strangest Allergies You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

Checkout The 7 Strangest Allergies You Wouldn't Believe Exist

We probably all know a few people in our lives who are allergic to some foods, the weather or certain kinds of drugs. But have you ever come across someone who is allergic to something as important as water or their own child?

Here are 7 of the most strangest allergies in the world.


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Although semen plays an important role in reproduction, this male sexual fluid can cause negative reactions in certain folks. Some people suffer from a rare form of allergy to semen where they experience swelling, itching, redness and pain in any part of the body that comes in contact with the fluid.

In more serious cases, sufferers have difficulty breathing and some people have gone into anaphylactic shock. This allergy is most common in females, but males can react to semen too, including their own.


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Unlike other allergies on this list, victims of vibratory angioedema do not have to comes in contact with a foreign object to develop allergy symptoms. Instead, just doing something repetitive such as running or clapping can cause them to break out in rashes within minutes. Victims of this rare condition, vibratory angioedema, report that it can be incredibly painful.


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Exercise is supposed to be good for everyone but some people react negatively to it, unfortunately. There are different types of exercise allergies and they manifest as uncontrollable itchiness shortly  after you work out.


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Water is essential for our survival as humans, so it is quite surprising to know that some people are allergic to it. Aquagenic urticaria is a rare kind of water allergy where the sufferer gets skin rashes once they are exposed to water. As you would imagine, simple everyday things like bathing, drinking, and washing can be difficult for the sufferer. In some cases, sufferers are even triggered by their own tears! Some experience difficulty with breathing in extreme cases. Scientists estimate that there are only about 32 people on the planet with the condition with this disease in the world.


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Allergy to touch is a condition called dermatographia or skin writing disease. People who suffer from it have hypersensitive skins that develop swollen bumps and itchy rashes even with the lightest of touch. This means sufferers can develop symptoms by just wearing a t-shirt. Scientists estimate that only 2-5% of 2-5% of the global population is affected with this disorder.

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All food

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In 2009, doctors were astonished when they discovered a boy named Kaleb Bussenschutt who was violently allergic to any kind of food and drink. Eating just a piece of food would cause him to develop violent ulcers in his stomach and experience intense pain. Surprisingly,  Kaleb Bussenschutt could drink only one specific brand of lemonade in addition to water, but anything else would cause him distress. Till now, the cause of this strange allergy is not known.

Allergies to one’s own child 

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Pemphigoid gestitionis is a rare condition in which the mother suffers excruciating blisters on the tummy, which may extend to other areas in the upper torso. Their babies might also be born with a similar kind of rash. The blisters usually disappear after a few months, but might leave unattractive dark scars behind

Which of these allergies surprised you the most? Tell us about it in the comment section below.


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