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Checkout Our Ratings on Favorite Nigerian Meals List and See if You’ll Agree

Checkout Our Ratings on Favorite Nigerian Meals List and See if You'll Agree

Let us be honest, everybody likes food. It is just the degree of the likeness that now varies. Some people like it a lot and are termed Foodie and some like it just enough because they need it to survive. Whatever side of the divide you fall on, we all like food.

Nigeria as a country understands this which is why we have very hearty meals brought to us by different regions, depending on where you reside or come from.

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  • POUNDED YAM: We start with this because this meal is called the king of all swallows. Do not ask me how we simply do not know. The Yoruba people call it Iyan and in the olden days, it was pounded in a mortar with the help of a  pestle. Now we have already processed flour that comes out almost the same way.


  • JOLLOF RICE: What is a Nigerian party without Jollof?  You will find it at any Nigerian celebration, from birthdays to weddings to funerals. Jollof is Queen where Pounded Yam is King.


  • MOIN-MOIN: This just beans peeled, ground and cooked in leaves, tins or nylons. You can add whatever condiments you so desire, fish, egg, liver et. It goes on to form a solid protein-rich meal that can be eaten alone, with ogi, bread, custard, rice or whatever you like.


  • AGEGE BREAD: In this life, if you have not sat down to fi ish 100 naira Agege bread, I can only ask what you have been doing. Even though fit fam people will say it is not healthy, we know that Agege bread is in a class of its own. This staple can be eaten with just about anything you are comfortable with.


  • AMALA: Lagosians usually have their own Amala spot where they go to for that quick fix. Amala is made with yam or cassava flour which is then turned in boiling water over a hot stove to a semi-solid paste. Amala is usually served with a stew, anything from ewedu to okra, to egusi (melon seed).


  • BEANS: Even though some people will not call themselves a fan of this food. You will be surprised at how much of it is eaten and what you can eat it with. Beans is like that partner you don’t want but you cannot do without. Check this out, beans can be eaten with bread, yam, rice, plantain and these are the ones that are not weird. We know people have eaten beans with noodles and Eba


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