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Checkout a Couple of Things You Should Trash or Give Out

Just a friendly post outlining all the things you should trash or give out.

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We all have a couple of things in our ‘fashion’ life that we have not used in a million years or we do not need and we still hang on to them. This post will list a couple of them and advise you on throwing them away or giving them out. Whichever applies.


Odd Socks: We all have that sock whose partner has not been found for the past 6 months. It is time to throw it away.

Torn T-shirts: I know we sometimes use torn t-shirts for work clothes but it’s about time you throw them away. It has served you enough, let it rest in peace.

Torn Jeans: I’ll advise you to turn your torn jeans to shorts instead of throwing them away and then after one year, you can use as a rag.

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Shoes that do not fit: Shoes that are bad need to go. Those that do not fit for whatever reason need to also be gone asap.


Expired bank cards: What are you still doing with your expired cards and why do you put them in your purse? Are they some type of prize for banking or your bank requests it so that can give you \ prize? Please break and throw away NOW.

Old Membership Cards: You have a new card but you still keep the old one in your purse or you have not attended the club in a while and they have revoked your membership but you still keep the card, Why?

Unneeded Receipts: You went to the movies in January and you still have the receipts. Why? What is the use of that old BRT Ticket in your purse? The receipt from the last shopping, why do you still need it?


Dried Mascara: Aunty, that mascara that has dried since 2018 but you still carry around has got to go immediately.

Lipstick: Whether it is broken or you just never like it, this is the time to dump it. Don’t let the year-end with it still in your purse.

Dried Nail Polish: Why are you still keeping this one self? It has dried, it is time for it to go. No excuses.

Empty perfume bottle: You are just using it to take up space and design the place. It has finished, the maker expects that you thrash it immediately.

Different hairbrushes: Ten hairbrushes for what? Please give some out and don’t buy any more until some break or you lose them. But wait o, why do you have more than 3 in the first place?


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