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Checklist on how to make a toddler comfortable while travelling

Mothers, Aunties, Daddies, Uncles, everyone travelling with a child should read this


It is very sad to see children been inadequately taken care of when they are travelling or on a trip. Just the thought of flying or travelling with a toddler who an attention span as short as they are cute at any time can be downright intimidating. Some journeys take hours and adults expect Children to be calm and civil, such a joke.

This post will help you with hat you need to make your child’s life a little bit comfortable.

  1. A BAG: This should not be just any bag, it should be one big enough to put in all your child will need for the journey and also comfortable enough that you can carry it. It is on the list because that is where you will put Numbers 2-9
  2.  ENTERTAINMENT: To be very honest, I do not know why parents do not think of this. If you will need entertainment while on a journey, why do you think your child does not. Download their favourite cartoons or videos and have it handy when needed. In fact, designate a device for them during travels.
  3. A BLANKET:  You need this to put over your toddler if/when they nap. The air can get chilly when you are on the open road or on an aeroplane.
  4. A SMALL PURSE: This can be used to store headphones, keys, debit cards, cash etc. It is just something to have handy and accessible when needed.
  5. PUFFS (aka toddler crack): You know that edible that your child loves so much and you have no idea why. Yes, you should keep them on hand pretty much at all times in order to avoid wailing of any kind.
  6. WATER BOTTLES: I know you are relying on bottled water of some kind but you should at least have your child’s water bottle filled for the first lap. You can store the water bottles in the outer pockets on either side of the bag.
  7. SPARE OUTFITS: We know that children are not the cleanest set of people on the earth and they somehow always manage to get dirt on their clothes. For your sake, take extra clothes.
  8. FAVOURITE TOY: Your child has a favourite toy and for your sake, I’m hoping it is of the small kind because if it is not and they are very attached to it, you’ll fight a mini-war before leaving the house. But if it is of the small kind, just dump it into the bag.
  9. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS: When all else fails, snacks and a big variety of them will be your tantrum tamers on a journey. You should pack a ton of snacks that your child will love.


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