Check out these 5 Amazing Whatsapp Features You May Not Know About

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used instant messaging services in the world.

I remember back then when it was just launched; a lot of people including yours truly regarded it as a poor alternative to the reigning BBM. However, with the several updates and features that have been added to the app, Whatsapp is now arguably the most widely used instant messaging app in Nigeria.

After you buy android phone or iOS phone, the next thing na to download Whatsapp. E dey constitution. Lol.

Anyways, in this large amount of Whatsapp users, not everyone knows about all the features it offers. Whatsapp has some unique features that make it stand out as the top messaging app in the country. Aside giving you the freedom to upload status updates, view the updates of other contacts and hide your ‘last seen’, here are 5 amazing features of Whatsapp you may not know about:

  1. Customized Shortcut and Notification

Do you have an important someone you always chat with? Whatsapp has features to make it easier to chat with them. You can simply create a shortcut to that particular chat on your phone’s homepage. You can also set custom notifications for your most important chats.

  1. Group Video and Voice calling

On Whatsapp, users are allowed to make video calls with each other, I’m sure you know this. But one added feature of this app is that you can also make video and voice calls with a group of up to four people at once.

  1. Picture-in-Picture Feature

Did you know that you can continue watching a video from facebook, Instagram or Youtube while on Whatsapp? Yes o! You can just click on the link to any video on these three platforms and the video will start playing in a small bubble while you are still on Whatsapp. You can even increase or reduce the size of that bubble.

  1. Sharing Live Location

This Whatsapp feature allows you to share your live location with any of your contacts. It is a very useful feature for those who are lost, do not know exactly where they are going or those who want to prove that they actually are where they say they are (and not You can even decide to share your location for a while say for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

  1. Whatsapp Payment

Whatsapp has a feature that actually allows its android and iOS users to make payments via the platform. Its feature is powered by UPI and it allows easy sending and receiving of money between users. To use this feature though, both the sender and the receiver should have the UPI payment option enabled on their accounts. And yes, it is available in all countries.

There you have it, 5 of the most amazing features on Whatsapp to make life easy for you. Check them out and tell me what you think.


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