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Check Out These 11 Animals That Look Just Like Celebrities

rihanna and lookalike

They say everyone in this world has a lookalike, a so-called ‘doppelganger’ somewhere else in the world. Usually, one would expect his/her doppelganger to be a member of the same species, however it isn’t always so. Some celebrities have found their uncanny lookalikes in species that are not so human – animals!

Here are some animal celebrity lookalikes that are amazing and downright cute.

  1. The Dog that looks like Snoop Dogg

image source: eightieskids

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Snoop Dogg should have a dog – or two that really look like him. And he does.

  1. The Peacock and Katy Perry
image source: pinterest

Remember when Katy rocked this blue-colored hair style? She really went into her element and we found her long lost dopple (that should be short for doppelganger right?)

  1. Bad Gal Riri and the Llama
image source: humormash

There is just something absolutely hilarious about this picture. I think both ladies have an excellent hair dresser. Lol.

  1. Harrison Ford and the Golden retriever
image source: dailylolpics

I think it’s not just the smile, but this dog really looks like Mr 007 here.

  1. Julia Roberts and yet another Dog
image source: dailyhogar

What’s it with animals – especially dogs looking like all our favorite stars? This time its famous actress, Julia Roberts.

  1. Madonna and the Frog
image source: earthporm

Hey Madonna, no be only you get stage performance! Animals do too – like this frog now….

  1. Vladmir Putin and the dog
image source: boredpanda

Officers at The Kremlin aren’t going to like this one. How can a dog have such resemblance with Russia’s number 1 man? Maybe it’s the work of the Syrians.. we don’t know. All we know is that the dog really has Putin’s face.

  1. Rowan Atkinson and The Owl
image source: jellyshare

The real resemblance is in the eyebrows and the eyes. Although I’m pretty sure ‘Mr Bean’ can’t turn his head a full 360o, that’d be quite weird.

  1. Lady Gaga and the unkempt hair dog
image source: boredpanda

When your lookalike has exactly the same hairstyle as you, know that the resemblance is real. Just like these two here.

  1. The Pooch and Ariana Grande
image source: wonderish

What was that I was saying about hairstyles again? They even have the same long adorable hair.

  1. John Travolta and the Blue eyed Dog

image source: boredpanda

These two have a couple of things in common. The same mouth, smile and eyes – they could easily pass off for each other. Okay no, they can’t, seeing as one is a dog and the other is human!

Bonus pic: David De Gea

image source: lifedeathprizes


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