Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage

Characteristics of a Healthy Marriage

From the outside, it would seem like the characteristics of a healthy marriage are apparent – easy to spot based on what is visible. However, this is usually not the case, as the cliché goes:

there is more to it than meets the eye.

Although we have different perspectives in defining the characteristics of healthy relationships, all of us will agree that there are common qualities that contribute to the success of a marriage. If you think love is all there is, think again; there are far more essential characteristics of a successful marriage.

So, is your marriage healthy? Check out the 10 characteristics of a healthy relationship below.

1. You have mutual respect.

Respect is the foundation of all relationships. It affects the way you treat each other on a daily basis and allows you and your partner to be honest and receptive with each other. Respect is given in many ways, including valuing your partner’s feelings and needs and appreciating their opinions. This quality makes you treat each other with kindness, building each other up and strengthening your marriage.

2. You trust each other.

If you want your marriage to be successful, learn to trust the other person and at the same time, value their trust. Trust means you can count on each other, be honest with each other, and have each other’s backs. Mutual trust also brings a sense of safety and security in the relationship.

3. You should have confidence in your partner and relationship.

Along with trust, confidence is the key to feeling safe and secure in a relationship. To promote trust and confidence, couples should be able to communicate how they feel. This will allow you to resolve conflicts through conversation or counseling more quickly without any fear of being isolated or rejected.

4. You value honesty.

Honesty builds trust and confidence in a relationship. Being honest means, you spend time to have loving open discussions about difficult things, such as life goals, sexual discontent, and personal frustrations. Consistent honesty in your marriage will make you closer together.

5. You communicate.

Communication is one of the most important healthy relationships characteristics that without it, any relationship will surely crumble. Imagine a marriage where your partner does not communicate their feelings and just shut you off when conflicts arise. How terrible it must be!

Great communication does not only allow you to get to know more about each other but also lets you solve any differences and disagreements quickly.

6. You support each other.

Support from your partner boosts your morale. Couples who are supportive of each other show their confidence in their marriage and that they are willing to let their partners pursue their dreams.

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Support is important when things are tough and during the high moments of your relationship. Supportive partners lend their shoulder if tears need to be shed and join the other to celebrate victories.

7. You genuinely like each other.

This should be the most obvious sign of a healthy marriage, but in actuality, many couples love each other but do not like each other. Sounds complicated, right? You may love someone for a certain quality they have but you do not actually like their overall personality. Successful marriages are when two people who are in love with and like each other come together.

8. You are sexually compatible.

Another essential characteristic of a good marriage is sexual compatibility. As you have your desires, expectations, needs, and preferences and your partner have his/her own, too, it is important that you have an honest discussion about them. Remember, in marriage, you are in this together, and it should extend even in the bedroom.

9. You value your quality time together.

Spending quality time together is another one to tick off the healthy marriage checklist as it shows that you enjoy each other’s company and are eager to do so. This does not mean that you need not have to spend some time alone but indicates that despite your busy schedule, you make time for each other.

10. You maintain your individuality.

While it is special to love and like your partner so much that you want to spend time with them every single second of the day, it is equally significant that you do not lose your individuality. This characteristic helps you care for your other relationships and social life and lets you pursue new hobbies.

Like any relationships, there are qualities of a healthy marriage. A good relationship is a place where you can be your own self. It makes you feel safe, secure, and loved, and your partner is the key person responsible for this. In a healthy marriage, your spouse is someone who is happy for your happiness and supports you in every way.


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