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Buttery Baking Tip and Hack To Bake Tasty Cakes


Cooking hacks are a good way to save time and money. When it comes to baking a cake, these hacks ensure that you make the best recipes in the shortest of time without causing much hassle.

During the holiday season, baking cute birthday cakes is more of a tradition which people love. Most people in Nigeria tend to go for that instead of cooking proper food. Distributing it to our loved ones builds the relationship and adds fun and togetherness to the season of festivities. The following hacks and tips will help any cook ensure that the foundation of tasty cakes is done well and no time is lost while doing that:

• Ripen bananas quickly


Cooking delicious cakes makes us all impatient, and we all wish to just skip to the end. But, it is important for the preparation to be perfect as it forms the core for a delicious cake. For a banana cake, the ripening of the fruit is essential and time taking. Those who do not like waiting for the banana to be perfectly ripe, can take a shortcut. Putting the under ripe banana on a baking sheet, and baking them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes will give you ripe bananas to use. This reliable cheat is used by many cooks for preparing a quick dessert.

• Warming the eggs quickly


Eggs form the heart of the cakes. The most special fact about them that you can create a dish using just eggs and a few spices. The versatility of eggs is very important for baking best cakes and cookies. However, many recipes require room temperature eggs, which means one has to wait after bringing them out of the fridge. But, bringing those eggs to room temperature is quite easy, by placing them in a bowl of boiling water. Allow them to sit in the bowl for a few minutes and they will be ready to use.

• Softening butter quickly

This is a challenge faced by every amateur home cook, for even the simplest of meals like bread and butter. Butter is kept in the fridge to prevent it from rotting, but the downside is that it hardens and becomes difficult to use immediately when pulled out of the fridge. Also, the recipes which demand room temperature eggs, also ask for room temperature butter. To soften a cold stick of butter quickly, place it inside a ziplock bag, seal it, and smash the butter into a thin layer using a rolling pin. Now, scoop the butter using a rubber spatula, and use it for your purpose.

• Instant powdered sugar

Sugar cubes or crystals are quite inconvenient for cooking, as they do not mix well in the recipe. Also, a good icing or frosting requires nothing but powdered sugar. Purchasing batches of powdered sugar might not be the answer always. A good way is to take some sugar crystals and a tablespoon of cornstarch, then put them in a food processor or a blender. Pulse the mixture for a few times until it reaches the perfect powdery consistency. Use the sugar for your recipes and forget buying separate batches of powdered sugar for one recipe.



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