But Why do Nigerian Use Only International Developed Apps and Not all These?

Some Unimaginable Apps that is made in Nigeria


Year 2018 has come and gone. Yes! But not without awesome products and apps for us to continue using.

The year was indeed a solid one as developers continued to lunch out applications that makes life easier for smartphone users in Nigeria. These apps provide very unique functionalities and in turn receives much attention and downloads.

So, here is my 5 top list of Nigerian apps released recently.

  • Paga Money Transfer App

The Leading country’s mobile money firm, Paga launched it’s Money Transfer app to aid seamless transfer and easiest receipt of money. Users only require to have a phone number or even an email address of the beneficiary and not necessarily their account details. Imediately the trsnsfer is initiated, the recipient will get a message with the single step they need to collect or access the money.

  • MavenStickers

Have you seen these stickers that makes Whatsapp chats more fun among it’s peer? MavinStickers is just out to solve that and let you have much fun while chatting. MavenSticker is preloaded with several lovely GIFs and meme organized into appropriate categories – Naija memes, Christmas season, New Years’, The Simpsons e.t.c. The app was been created by a Nigerian developer, Oluwatobi Akinpelu. And It is presently available for downloads on the Android Google Playstore.


  • UpNepa

This very app was named after the popular exclamation by every Nigerian when power (electricity)  is restored. UpNepa, is a special app that gives real-time immediate information about the present state of power supply within a particular selected region or community.

The app which was created by two science students of the Federal University of Technology, Akure Ondo State, Salaudeen Taslim & Salaudeen Abdurrahman. The particular app uses your current location to find the nearest place you can find electricity to charge or power your gadgets. It’s also available on the Android OS with more than 5000 downloads on Google Playstore.


  • Habari

This popular app is a GTbank powered platform simply for music, shopping and lifestyle curated contents. The mobile app produces it’s users a direct access to local and foreign musical content and videos on the go. It also grants them full access to books across all literary genres, an easy and seamless shopping experience and a very exciting way to connect with family and friends.


  • Cowrywise

Fintech’s recent startup, Cowrywise, unveiled it’s mobile app that allows every users of it’s popular platform save their cash by investing in very high-yield government bonds.


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