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Boyfriends, Here are 7 Sweet Things You Can do For Your Babe

Boo, try this 7 sweet things you can do for bae.

Boyfriends Here are 7 Sweet Things You Can do For Your Babe

This article is going to be for all of you men out there who read this blog. I want to give you free advice on the sweet little things you can do for your babe to make her feel special and loved and the good part of it is that you will not have to break the bank while you are it.

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Are you ready, Let’s begin:

  1. Spend time with her: Even if you do not know anything about relationships, you should know this one. In fact, it should not be on the list because it is a no brainer. Time is the best gift you can give her and it is the most she wants from you. Undivided attention. Take one day out for her when nothing else is more important than spending quality time together.
  2. Write to her: Write something for and to your girlfriend. It doesn’t have to be a Shakespeare poem or have to be super deep, it just has to be from you. Take a piece of paper and simply write about the way she makes you feel and I can assure she’s going to cherish it forever. People don’t write anymore that’s what is going to make it more special.
  3. Surprise Gifts: Ladies love gifts especially if it is something that is important to here. So get your woman a gift that you know she’ll appreciate. Chocolates and Perfumes are good but you need to think a bit more deeply to the kind of things she appreciates as a person.
  4. Spa day: Women love to pamper themselves but they love it even more if their men arrange it for them. It usually gives them a very special feeling of being taken care of that’s very romantic. The good thing is you can book a spa day for her(especially if you live in major states in Nigeria) and surprise her with it.
  5. Watch her favourite series together: You should be able to sit with the girl you love and watch her favourite series with her. If you’re lucky, her favourite series is going to match or be in line with yours; so take a special day out for it. Have your own cinema experience with popcorn, drinks and fuel because PHCN can want to fall your hand.
  6. Go on a first date, again: You should recreate your first date, trust me, it’s super fun and special. Go to the same place you guys went to on your first date, only this time it won’t be the same. It will be you both reminiscing over how the two of you felt back then and how things are now.
  7. Cook her something: I put this one last because some of you have a complex and think its only women who should cook. For some of you, its a little tricky because you are terrible cooks. Whatever side of the divide you fall on, it is really about the effort that you actually put in. The fact that you went out of your way to do something so special for her. For those who can cook and actually do it, you are the MVPs


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