The world is changing, and we are moving to new things, while dropping old ones. One thing most people have forgotten is the fact that, not all things should be dumped; of course change is necessary, but not everything should be changed. A typical example of that is the Vernonoa amugdalina – THE BITTER LEAF.

Bitter leaf (Vernonoa amugdalina) is a member of the daisy family, a small shrub plant that grows in Africa. It is called bitter leaf because of its very bitter taste. It usually grows within 2cm to 5cm in height; with elliptical leaves20cm long and rough bark. It is highly nutritious; cooked as a vegetable in soups throughout Africa, and also used in the treatment of certain illnesses (especially MALARIA). Its common African names are ewuro (Yoruba), etidot (Ibibio), onugbu (Igbo), mululuza (Luganda), ityuna (Tiv), oriwo (Edo), chusar-doki (Hausa), olusia (Luo), labwori (Acholi) etc.

The following are the benefits of Bitter leaf.

Malaria treatment: A study carried out on Bitter leaf in 2009, revealed it was widely used in Africa to treat malaria which is not surprising because it is widely effective, available, accessible and affordable.

Stomach ache: Bitter leaf is known for relieving stomach aches. By just chewing the tender stem of the plant and swallowing the bitterness, the ache will stop within few minutes.

Weight loss: Bitter leaf speeds up metabolism thereby reducing the chances of constipation in the body and increasing the usage of the stored body fat and this in turn, aids weight loss.


Prostate cancer treatment: Bitter leaf is very good for prostate cancer. It increases urine flow and reduces the pain, as well as regulating the spread of the cell.
To fight prostate cancer with bitter leaf, simply squeeze fresh leaves in water and take a glassful four times a day while you constantly go for your checkup.
It also helps to reduce high blood sugar level in the body because it speeds up the rate of metabolism and glucose uptake by the body cells.

For Pneumonia: Bitter leaf is believed to be capable of combating Pneumonia. Just squeeze the fresh leaves of the plant in water and take a glassful thrice daily, for a month. Ensure you warm the solution each time before drinking.

Enhances Fertility: Studies have revealed that bitter leaf boosts the chances of pregnancy among women who are finding it difficult to conceive. The reason being that the detoxification power of bitter leaf helps prevent the pollution of the antibodies that fight diseases, initiate tissue repair and body regeneration. It is also known to boost the ovary fertility significantly; as well as eliminating ovarian cyst and premature ovarian failure.

Bitter leaf juice works for skin rashes, eczema, ringworms and any superficial skin ailments too. Thanks to its antibiotic and antifungal properties.
This is sure a leaf not to be forgotten so soon. Please do well to consult your physician to be sure if you should start taking more bitterleaf or not.


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