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Best Places to Travel Solo for the First Time

Are you planning to travel solo? Here are some countries you should go

Best Places to Travel Solo for the First Time

Deciding to travel solo for the first time can be a rather nerve-wracking experience. One of the most important though is what are the best places to travel solo?

If you’re nervous the chances are you don’t want to get started in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia – you’ll want somewhere which is a bit less extreme, to ease you into your solo travel adventure.

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  1. The first country is Australia and the reason is that it is easily one of the best places to travel solo for the first time. English is their first language, tourism is a huge industry and the whole place is geared up for backpackers! Whether you choose to wing it whilst you’re out there or sort out a flexible East Coast package deal before you fly to help with plans and budgeting Australia is the obvious choice.
  2. Next is New Zealand, New Zealand is a great place to travel solo for many of the same reasons that Australia is. With heaps to see and do, loads of hotels to choose from and a wide range of destinations New Zealand is one of my favourite places to explore and no matter what your budget or time frame you’ll be able to pack a lot in.
  3. If you want a bit more of a culture shock in comparison to Oz and NZ then Thailand is somewhere you should seriously consider for your first solo travel trip. It’s the gateway to South East Asia and is well equipped for backpackers – from a huge variety of places to stay to heaps of amazing destinations to explore Thailand has a huge abundance of travellers and booking onward travel is usually as easy as speaking to the front desk at your guest house or hostel!
  4. Fiji might look slightly out of place on this list these beautiful tropical islands are a hotspot for solo travellers – especially on a longer around the world gap year as a stop between Australia/New Zealand and the USA. The Yasawa Islands are by far the most popular place to visit so if you want to meet heaps of fellow backpackers in paradise then an island hopping pass is the easiest and most budget-friendly to combine meeting people with experiencing this beautiful country.
  5. Bali isn’t the country – Indonesia is! But Bali itself is well equipped for travellers and spots like Canguu, Ubud, Uluwatu, Kuta and neighbouring island such as Gili Trawangan are hubs for those looking to explore more of Indonesia and what Bali has to offer. It’s not quite as easy as Thailand – but you’ll have no worries meeting heaps of fellow travellers when ticking all the activities off your bucket list! Surf lessons, island hopping, snorkelling with turtles and the monkey forest are all must see spots!


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