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Best conversation starters are usually women and even more to carry it on

Want to know how to carry on a conversation with a woman

You know when you are with the guys(you know some women in your life can be considered as part of the guys), there is always something to talk about, from Sport, music, movies to money and the making of it.

But when it comes to conversations with women(who are not in the my guy category) story can change because your brain will just freeze and you will not be able to think of a single thing to say because nerves and anxiety have robbed you of your tongue.

So you ask yourself, what are the good things you can talk about? Below are good conversations starters and also conversation continuers

  1. FOOD OR DRINKS: This one is obvious abi because it is right there in front of you. So what kind of meals does she like, Is she a breakfast person, what is her comfort food, What’s her favourite drink etc
  2. MUSIC: Asking about music usually works as people like different genres and it spurs conversation along the side of music shows, festivals etc This is not the time to tell her you had a career in music and released a 100 track album. Ask her what she’s into and go from there
  3. MOVIES: Ask her what kind of movie she watches, Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama, comedy, Folklore, Cartoons etc Remember, it’s not a test, there is no pass or fail marks, you’re finding out about one another. Don’t make a snap judgement based on the fact that she doesn’t watch Netflix as much as you do
  4. WORK: Whether you lie it or not, this one will come up, no doubt even though it can be a touchy subject. You should not brag about work if you have a good job and neither can you be too down on yourself if you have a less than impressive job role. Tell her what you do, ask her what she does, have a conversation.
  5. HOBBIES: People love talking about the things they love. Including you. Get her to talk about her hobbies and interests and naturally, the conversation will turn to yours. Tell her.
  6. PETS AND ANIMALS: Most ladies like dogs, you should ask and if she has one, all you have to do is sit back and let her do the talking. If she does not, you need to move on to the next very quickly.
  7. TRAVEL:  Where has she been? Where does she want to go? Can you relate to the places she names? Does she have any holiday plans? Do you? It is a great way to learn if she has wanderlust or not.
  8. FUTURE PLANS: If you can find a way to not make this an interview question, you will find that it is a good idea for a conversation topic. By the end, you’ll find out if your future plans tally or not.


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