Best Android Games to Play Right Now

Best Android Games to Play Right Now

Here are top hot Android games you could play on your phone right now.

#1. Obsession in the ghetto

Obsession in the ghetto – an unusual flash racing simulator. Being a participant of the most dangerous races in a straight line, your goal will be – the destruction of opponents. You can do this only after you find them in a column consisting of a huge number of cars. Unfortunately, your car will not be equipped with any additional equipment, so you will need to cut and ram the enemy for it to crash itself. You can drive a car with the help of arrows.

#2. Hot ride

Hot race (Fire race) – a great race that will allow everyone without exception to enjoy exciting competitions taking place in unusual locations. As befits a game of this genre, the main task here is to win at every stage of the competition to win the title of the best extreme racer. With each new level, you will find not only a new track but also more experienced opponents, which will make the game-play of this free game even more interesting. Control: Up – gas, down – brake, Right / Left – turn.

#3. Galactic race

Galactic Racing (Go Ufo) – a very unusual race on alien spacecraft. Like a flying saucer pilot, you will need to at all costs win galactic speed rides. It will be quite difficult to do this, since you will have to move with the help of jerks, requiring you to constantly use short commands from the game paddle.

TVarious dangers will be no less of a problem, such as a possibility of falling outside the track into open space if the movement is not cautious or fall under a falling meteorite. Among the features of this free game is worth noting the possibility of competition with friends, using the appropriate mode. Management: Z, X – turn, C – gas (by default, however, if you wish, you can change it to any more convenient one just before starting the next race).

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#4. Evil Birds: Angry Bird

Angry Birds: (Angry Birds Race) – free races in which you will meet with your favorite characters and be able to enjoy with them fun competitions in cartoon cars. To become a winner, we advise you not to forget that the main asset in your deck is the ability to speed up your car.

Especially because after using all the nitrogen in the car, it is replenished again due to inexplicable resources that arise during rapid movement on the earth’s surface. Control: Up – gas, down – brake, Right / Left – balance, Z – acceleration.

#5. Dead Highway

Dead Highway (Highway of the Dead) – free racing with original game-play, made in 3D. In this game, you have to get into the world after the apocalypse. As one of the survivors, you will have to constantly move from one safe zone to another. You will need to do this for a certain time, otherwise, you will find yourself infected and die together with those zombies that you will have to press to get bonus points and a little nitrous oxide to speed up the car.

After each stage (even unsuccessful) you will receive a certain amount of bonus points that you have managed to accumulate. On them, you can buy improvements for your car. Control: Arrows – the movement of cars, X – acceleration.

#6. Ice Chase

Ice chase (Ice cold chase) – race on ice, which will interest all fans of the genre. Winter atmosphere, which is expressed not only in the thematic environment but also in various details of the game-play, will make you feel like a participant in these extreme competitions. To become a winner in them, you will need to master driving on an icy road and learn how to properly enter the skid. Management in this free game: Up – gas, down – brake, Right / Left – turn.

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