Benefits of Dental Cleaning In Every 6 Months


You have been doing it yearly since you were a toddler – going to the Dentist near you every six months. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve relaxed a bit on your biannual teeth cleanings, even though you know the recommended number of dental visits for a healthy individual is twice every year, spread out around six months apart.

Here is a list of reasons you need to have a dental cleaning every six months.

Stop Gum Disease Dead in Its Tracks

You have probably heard about gum disease, or at least its earliest stage, gingivitis, on toothpaste and mouthwash commercials. However, did you know that even though in some cases Nigerians are genetically inclined to develop this disease, that visiting your dentist often is one of the best ways to detect gum disease, and get your mouth healthy again.

Expert Tooth Decay doctors can detect early stages of gum disease in patients long before the telltale symptoms of red and swollen gums appear in our patients.
By diagnosing gum disease early, we are able to return your gums to a healthy state. Moreover, if it has been a while since you have last had an appointment with the dentist for dental cleaning, they can diagnose additional stages of the disease, and come up with an effective treatment plan in place to restore your healthy gums and save your teeth.

Prevent Plaque Build Up

Have you ever visited your dentist only to be told that you have plaque buildup? Plaque is a sticky deposit that clings to your teeth and is full of all kinds of gross bacteria dental patients do not want in their mouths.


The buildup of plaque can also result in tartar, which discolors your teeth. While adequately brushing your teeth twice every day, flossing at least once daily can prevent plaque buildup, it cannot kill or remove plaque or tartar once it starts to manifest. Only professional teeth cleaning garland by a dental hygienist can do so, which is why you should see your doctors every six months.

Protect Your Teeth from Tooth Decay

Losing your tooth-to-tooth decay can be painful and embarrassing, as a missing tooth can negatively affect your smile, but expensive to replace with a dental implant or other tooth replacement system. However, it’s important to remember that tooth decay happens over time, not in an instant and that by going to your doctors every six months for a dental cleaning, they can diagnose issues causing tooth decay and form a plan to save your affected tooth or teeth.

If your dentist does not use the probe to make a diagnosis, you have good reason to be suspicious. They should also map out the probe measurements throughout your mouth, and be able to explain to you what everything means and how the deep cleaning will be done.

If your dentist’s recommendation for a deep cleaning does not add up, the smart move is to seek out a second opinion from a professional. The extra time spent sitting in the dentist chair could prevent unnecessary procedures – or confirm that you need a treatment that will keep your beautiful smile.


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