Being Productive After Work is not a Magic. Here is How it is Done

You can do so much more after work than just sitting in front of a TV or scrolling through your phone.

Being Productive After Work is not a Magic. Here is How it is Done

Although the time after work might be considered as resting but if the truth is told, you don’t do much of that when you strain your eyes while scrolling back and forth different apps, websites with no definite goal in mind.

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This second post wants to put a final lid on some of the productive things you can do for yourself when work is over instead of just scrolling through social media.

  1. PLAN SOMETHING FUN: We are putting this first because most people think that having fun is a waste of money or resources and that focusing on work or being successful leads to happiness. But what if we told you it’s the other way around? Success doesn’t lead to happiness. Happiness leads to success. Whether it’s planning a big vacation or a lunch out with friends, try to plan something every month to look forward to. Trust me you’ll be productive.
  2. BOOST YOUR BRAIN: It’s no secret that between the demands at work and in our personal lives, we sometimes let life get in the way of our mental well-being and that is not good. You should find ways to boost your brain, by reading or playing games that deal with Speed, Memory, Attention, Mental flexibility and Problem-solving
  3. DECLUTTER YOUR EMAIL: In between work, newsletters, and spam, your email must look like a mess. So do yourself a favour and spend a few minutes sorting and deleting your emails.
  4. UPDATE YOUR CV: Whether you are in love with your job right now or not, it’s important to keep your resume updated and ready at all times because opportunities knock at the most unexpected times. Always be ahead by thinking about the skills needed for the NEXT job and putting it into your resume.
  5. WRITE DOWN YOUR KEY QUALITIES: You see, writing things down helps you remember quickly. So if you could write down 6 traits you have, what would they be? How do these traits help your partner, friends, family, work buddies and yourself? Ask your self these questions while writing, you’ll be amazed.
  6. SELL OR GIVE OUT OLD STUFF: Get rid of stuff you don’t need by either giving it out or selling them which helps you make extra money.
  7. READ THE NEWS: I know you this gossip blogs help but sometimes take a break from that and actually get some ideas as regards the country you live in. What is happening? What laws are been passed? Who is in prison and who just got out? At least, it’s more productive than trolling on twitter


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