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Being an Adult: #TheNaijaWay

Different strokes are for different people and that is especially true for the Nigerian system. All of our systems seem to have their own way of running and also their own way of being oiled.

This difference in systems also trickles down to Child rearing and training, finances, upkeep, responsibilities(family or otherwise) and also being an Adult.This is a totally different ballgame here in Naija and it is something that is done differently in this part of the world.

Being an Adult in Nigeria is not by attaining the age of 18 as the law clearly states. There are a couple of other things(some more important than others) that qualifies you for this Adult business. And there’s a silent rule that it must be done whether or not you are in the mood for it.

Just in case you are not sure what this Adult thing is all about, or what exactly happens when you officially become one. Let Nigerians explain it to you with their tweets.

And if you are an Adult already, this is to show you that you are not alone and there’s a whole army behind you.

After IK Osakioduwa asked #WhatBeingAnAdult means to you, Nigerians came out in their numbers to identify with the struggle of being an Adult and also tell what it means to them.

Here are some of the tweets

The last one really got me laughing. Having to discipline a child is definitely an act meant for Adulthood but trying to discipline you out of your child is not only one of the most senior level but one that takes a lot of doing.

Being an Adult is any and all of the following tweets and then some more.

If you’re finding this ”Adulting” business a hard one because the child in you sometimes wants to come out and play, here’s a quote from Hank Green

Being silly is still allowed, not excluded by adulthood. What’s excluded by adulthood is thoughtlessness, so be thoughtful and silly

So be thoughtful, silly with a side of the naija style of being an adult and you’ll be fine.


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