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Because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, the signs may not be clear. This will help all women

Even though both genders are from different planets, we can still take an accurate guess on the signs that he likes you

Because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus the signs may not be clear. This will help all women

Look, women will tell you that they have sometimes misread signals from Men, in the good and bad kind of way. The answer for this is not far fetched, we are from different planets and don’t necessarily see or acknowledge things the same way.

If you are a woman and you are not sure of the signs, whether it is a GO or not, this post will help you for FREE. Okay, not free because you are using your data but free in that you do not have to pay actual cash to attend an event on it.

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So you want to confirm he loves you abi, oya read on.

  • He is protective & wants to take care of you: Showing concern for your well-being in different situations shows that he wants to be your protector.  Take notice of his concern for you and the things you are involved in. If he pretty much likes the protector role, this is a sure sign that he is in love.
  • He wants to see you happy: A man who wants to see you happy and helps you achieve your goals is one who loves you will always want the best for you. From supporting you through stressful times to working with you to tackle problems. He wants to make sure that he is adding happiness to your life which in turn, makes him happy.
  • He includes you: You do not feel excluded from his life as he is in the habit of saying “we” instead of “I”.  Inclusivity is one of the major signs of being in love. You are included and consulted in plans that are being made.
  • He talks about the future: When he focuses on the future, he sees you in it and talks about it with you. You do not need to guess or even assumed where you stand with him. He already sees you two for the long haul and plans accordingly.
  • He treats you like a lady: He treats you the way you deserve to be treated and does not consider it weird or old school. You should also watch the way he treats his family, mother, children, waitstaff and strangers. You can tell a lot about a person by how he talks and acts with others.
  • He doesn’t want you to change: He likes you just the way that you are and consistently tells you what he likes about you. He compliments you by noticing those small things and even when he corrects you, it is with love. Please note that if he says that your outfit looks nice but you would look amazing if you lost weight, that is him NOT accepting you as you are.


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