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Basic Wardrobe Principles You Should Always Take Note of

Want to give your wardrobe a lift? Read this.

Basic Wardrobe Principles You Should Always Take Note of

Have you ever taken a look at your full wardrobe and think of everything you don’t have or how you literally have nothing to wear? If your answer is Yes, this would be an ideal time to visit key principles so you can identify what to clear out, and what you need to buy.

So here are five principles that you should apply to make your wardrobe a complete one.

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  1. QUALITY: This is not only important, but it is also key. The reason you might think that you have no clothes to wear is that they are either faded, torn, or have reduced in quality. It is better to buy high-quality pieces that will last for a longer time than cheap low-quality pieces that have a short life span. There is definitely nothing to wear when your clothes don’t look good.
  2. VARIETY: You are used to pairing a certain set of clothes all the time. The same skirt with the same top, the same jean with the same t-shirt. The best outfits include a mixture of statement pieces and trend-driven ones. If your closet lacks variety you’re always going to feel unsatisfied with your wardrobe which will then equals to you having nothing to wear.
  3. FORM AND FUNCTION: The problem here will not be buying beautiful clothes which fulfill the “form” half of the sentence, but the problem is the practical part which is supposed to fulfill the “function” part. Meaning no awkward fit and it must be your exact size, no scratchy fabric etc.
  4. VERSATILITY: It’s not rocket science that the most resourceful items in your closet will get the most use, but you’ll also find it easier to get dressed in the morning when you have plenty of options that can be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down, removed or added.
  5. PERSONALITY: Look you’ll never be content with your wardrobe if it feels like someone else’s. Your closet needs to reflect your personal style, your personality and preferences. These things are constantly evolving as you go on so your clothes should evolve with it so that you feel your outfits are an authentic representation of who you are.

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These are the secrets to creating a perfect wardrobe for yourself whether or not you are rich. This is the basics in helping you feel better about your closet and also helping you have something to wear when you decide to step out.

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