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Badagry Town: Top Reasons To Make It Your Next Travel Destination

Badagry Town: Top Reasons To Make It Your Next Travel Destination

From being the city of many pioneering events in Nigeria to being a place of beautiful attractions, there are just so many reasons to visit the ancient city of Badagry.

Here are 11 reasons why you should spend your next vacation in Badagry town:

Home to fun and relaxation

– If you’ve been in search of a place to take a break and relax, then the Whispering Palms Resort in Badagry is the place to be. From its spectacular scenery (beautiful palm trees with birds chirping and a lagoon close by) to its fun filled activities (swimming, football, tennis, and volleyball e.t.c), the Whispering Palm offers tourists an amazing experience.

– Nestled by the sea is a beach called the Suntan Beach. The beach is surrounded by several palm trees and huts where tourists can relax and feed their eyes on activities such as horses galloping away. And yes! there’s a lot to eat.

The locally made coconut Drink: This one deserves special mention because you can’t visit Badagry and not have a taste of the delicious coconut drink prepared by the locals. The drink is prepared by plucking fresh coconut from the palm, cutting it open and placing a straw in it ready to be guzzled. Yummy!

A place to learn history

– Badagry is home to first storey building ever erected in Nigeria. It was built in 1842 by Bernard Freeman and other chhristian missionaries.

– This storey building once housed the first primary school in Nigeria (Nursery of Infant Church which was later renamed St. Thomas’ Anglican Nursery and Primary School), founded by Rev. Golmer in 1845.

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– Interestingly, the first Bible to be translated from English to Yoruba was composed by the renowned Bishop Ajayi Crowther in this same building.

– This storey building is home to several other artifacts, making it one of the most famous landmarks in the history of Nigeria.

A glimpse into the slave trade of the past

– Badagry is home to several relics that date back to the pre-slavery, slavery, and post-slavery eras in Nigeria. Tourists are given a detailed tour around the museums where they discover various artefacts of slavery like chains, locks, and shackles.

– Tourists also take an exciting boat ride to Gberefu Island also know as the ‘point of return’. It was formerly called the ‘point of no return’ because it was the route slave owners and merchants passed through to transport slaves at various destinations from the Atlantic.

– At the Badagry slave museum, you will learn about the slave families like the Mobee Royal Family and the Serike Abass family.

– Badagry entertains the celebration of the Black Heritage Festival, an event that brings Nigerians in diaspora together, helping them return to their roots and learn more about their culture. Black Heritage Festival is celebrated annually in the month of November. If you’ve looking forward an event where you can connect with other Africans and have fun while doing so, this is is the festival for you.


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