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Bad teeth can be disgraceful if not taken care of. Follow these tips to whiten your teeth and make your smile brighter


Bad teeth can be disgraceful if not taken care of. Follow these tips to whiten your teeth and make your smile brighter

When we talk about whitening of the teeth, we are mostly talking about the enamel which discolors over time and it happens naturally with our daily habits hastening it along.

Things like tea, coffee, wine and soda even the ketchup you enjoy so much with your fries. A good way to remember is that if it discolors your tongue it’ll discolor your teeth.

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So here are some tips to help you whiten your teeth.

  •  Change Your Toothbrush: If you’ve had the same toothbrush for a year or more, chances are you need to upgrade. Especially if the bristles are starting to bend to the outside, it is definitely time for you to replace it. Replacing it does not have to be expensive as all you need in a new toothbrush is one that has soft bristles and has the shape to effectively clean the tooth’s surface and between the teeth.
  • Brush Your Tongue: By brushing your tongue you remove the food residue on which bacteria thrives. If you don’t do this, bacteria buildup on your tongue can rub off on your teeth and cause staining and also bad breath.
  • Use Mouthwash: Using a mouthwash reduces bacteria buildup, freshens your breath and prevents tooth decay. To aid in teeth whitening you need to look for a mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide, the main ingredient used in most teeth whitening products.
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: There are a wide variety of whitening kinds of toothpaste. Most whitening tubes of toothpaste will also contain hydrogen peroxide or another agent that slowly whitens your teeth. They are very mild and actually help more to keep discolouration at bay, rather than reverse it.
  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables: Raw fruits, vegetables and nuts are crunchy and do a good job of cleaning your enamel. They also serve as a mini brush and naturally clean your teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening Gum: Any chewing gum will help you produce saliva and this helps to remineralize your teeth. Whitening gums can help remove existing stains and prevents future stains. They also contain abrasives which will rub up against the teeth and help to clean them so chewing gum after you eat can help to whiten your teeth.
  • Professional Whitening Systems: When you go see a professional they may use stronger concentrations of chemicals and your experience is going to be worry-free. They’re taking on the liability and doing all the work, so you can expect the cost to reflect that, meaning it will not be cheap. This will be the most expensive option.


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