Asking these questions and answering them before the new week starts is very vital

Not everytime we play, sometimes, we ask ourselves deep, serious stuff

Asking these questions and answering them before the new week starts is very vital


On this journey to one’s self, you are not alone. We are together and no one has it all figured out but as we come to the start of another week, we can start laying aside the distractions and get honest about what who we are, what we truly want and who we desire to be.

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  • What do you want? Without bothering with the semantics, what do you truly desire – what do you want? What are the things that keep you up at night?
  • How do you want to feel? Are your habits, time commitments, other life patterns moving you closer to this desire or do they seem to be dragging you at opposite ends.
  • How do you want to make others feel or what impact do you hope to make in the world? Even though we are not responsible for other people’s choices or feelings but we can think about how we impact those around us.
  • How are you using your giftings? How can you show up and offer your light in big or small ways this week? Who can you bless with your gift?
  • Ask yourself where you are stuck and what you need to do to unstuck. But you need to be specific.
  • What do you need to let go of? Think of everything including the emotional, physical, relational baggage you’re ready to release.
  • What positive habits do you want to add to your life? What is the ONE THING you could add in that would have the most significant, positive impact on your life this week?
  • Are you spending time with growth-minded people at work or via your social media platforms? Do the people who are in your inner circle truly deserve that space in your life?
  • Do you need help with anything? Name the place you need or want help. Make a concrete, step by step plan to get the help you need and ask people if need be.
  • Are you ready for a change? We sometimes say we want something with our mouths but we aren’t truly ready to take action it deserves. Tell the truth to yourself – are you ready?
  • Is perfectionism, comparison or fear holding you back from getting what you truly want? What would you feel like or what would your life look, sound, feel like if you dumped comparison, perfectionism, or fear and just stayed through to you

This post is not to say the journey you’ll go on after this question will be easy. It is to help you focus on the things that are important.


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