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As a woman, put a break on these 6 things if you are in a habit of doing them

Women, Stop these things if you do them in your relationship.

As a woman put a break on these 6 things if you are in a habit of doing them

Most, if not all women want to have a happy relationship but more often than not, they find themselves taking on the man’s role in their relationship, and some even go as far as sacrificing their happiness in the name of love.

They take on responsibilities that are not theirs and somehow glory in it. Look, somethings should not be done in a relationship.

This post is to help you(if you are a woman) know what you should reduce or totally stop doing in your relationship.

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  • Attempting to solve all the problems, his inclusive: You are not Super Woman, I repeat, YOU. ARE. NOT. SUPERWOMAN. Stop trying to rescue your man from financial issues or problems at work, you should never try to rescue him from all his troubles by yourself. When you do so, years later, you will realise that you are living with an indecisive and helpless partner who is afraid to take responsibility for his future.
  • FEELING SORRY OR SAD FOR HIM: Women, you should note that Men don’t fall in love with you just because you are feeling sorry for them. Just because you’re always there for him emotionally and spiritually doesn’t mean that your relationship is deep and fulfilling or that he is head over heels in love. Stop feeling sorry or sad for him, most men don’t need it.
  • GIVE UP YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR HIM: Just because you have found the love of your life doesn’t mean you have to give up your friends and career. Any man who asks that of you is selfish. The more fun and activities you have outside your home or family, the more appreciative your partner will be of you. Just do not be an extremist as they are dangerous.
  • CHANGING YOUR APPEARANCE: It is perfectly natural for a woman to want to look nice for the man she loves but you should not be pressured to change your look drastically. At the same time, if your partner asks you about something you can easily agree to, don’t be stubborn.
  • REPLYING WITH ‘DID I NOT TELL YOU: Even if you did tell him and you’re 100% right, there is nothing more annoying than the phrase “What did I tell you?” Saying this makes him feel like a fool and every man needs to feel significant and important. You do not have to rub it in his face that you were right and he was wrong. Trust me, he already knows that.


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