Are You Thinking of Complimentary Food Idea? Try AVOCADO

Works so good for your children


Many mothers worry on what food to introduce to their babies at six months when complementary feeding should be added to support breastfeeding.

A new study reveals that avocado is the best first food for your baby. This is because it has a natural taste, soft and nutrient packed. Avocado is known to boost the growth and development of babies.

It is recommended that “infants should consume moderately energy-dense foods that are low in sugar and rich in multiple nutrients” It is usually advised that a baby’s first food should be low in sweetness and saltiness and avocado ticks the box. In addition, avocado provides a balanced source of calories that meets up to the developmental demands of a growing baby.

Other benefits of giving your baby avocado include:

This wonderful fruit and it’s leaves can cure a lot of diseases in human body and can also be used in remedy to all kind of skin issues. Some people can not do without Avocado as they depends on it than any other things in the world. Not that it doesn’t have any disadvantages, but it’s advantages are more that you can’t even think about that. You can get it around and anywhere! Just ask for it and you would be amazed about how many of it are in your area for sale.

The opportunity to experience a variety of textures and color. Even you as an adult can help but love this nutritious fruit/ food. Its attractiveness increases it palatability value.
It has a very low level of sugar.

Avocado is a tree. The fruit which is a popular food, it is also a good source of potassium and a healthy fats. The fruit, leaves, and seeds itself are used to make medicine. Which is consumed mainly by humans.


The Avocado fruit is used to lower the cholesterol levels in the body, decrease hunger, to increase sexual desire, and stimulate women menstrual flow. Avocado’s seeds, leaves, and bark are also used for dysentery and diarrhea in the body.

Avocado oil is mainly applied directly to the skin to soothe and heal the skin and to treat all thickening (sclerosis) of the skin, all gum infections (pyorrhea), and arthritis. Avocado oil is used in combination with some vitamin B12 for a skin condition, which is called psoriasis. The fruit pulp is typically used to promote hair growth and also good in speeding up wound healing. The seeds, leaves, and bark are commonly used to relieve toothache.

Avocados contain less than 1 gram of sugar per serving (0.09g) which is the lowest amount of sugar per serving of any other fruit.
Its soft and smooth textures make it easy for your baby to eat and digest easily.

Avocados make it easy for lipid-soluble vitamins to be absorbed from other foods when they are eaten together.

These benefits are one you cannot afford to push aside. Incorporating Avocado into your babies complementary meal plan would go a long way to provide the necessary nutrient for growth. Thanks for reading.



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