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Are You New to Lagos? Here are Things You Should not do

Eko is for show but watch out, make Eko no go show you pepper.

Are You Living in Lagos or Just About to Move in? Check The Things The City of Lagos is famous for

Lagos is a huge metropolis in the sense that it overflows with life. Although things are slightly better now they were before but if this is your first time visiting the city of Lagos, here are some things to avoid trying or doing.

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  1. Do not carry cash around: It will do you good to adhere to this Number rule. It is easy to spot a JJC(Johnny Just Come) aka Newbie. We are going cashless and most businesses have POS systems to make transactions possible. DO NOT ever carry a lot of cash and the worse thing you can do is flash it around.
  2. Taking pictures: Do not take pictures of people or businesses without their permission. Although street photography has become a thing, make sure to ask before taking pictures of people or businesses so that your phone or camera will not be seized by area boys and then you’ll have to pay to get it back.
  3. Lodge at an airport hotel: First and foremost, Airport hotels in Lagos are quite distant from the important landmarks and beaches in the city. Secondly, it can be expensive traveling to those place from the hotels.

  4. Lastma Officials: Let me just say that staying on the right side of the law is your best option. Just obey the rules, regulations and laws governing transportation in Lagos and you’ll be fine. That is all.

  5. Visit popular spots during the weekend: Lagos is an exciting and bubbling city with several places to see and things to do but the worst mistake to make is to go to popular spots during the weekend. Weekends are downtime for most people who work and the only period they have to visit those spots which makes them crowded.

  6. Go clubbing alone: With all due respect to the city or country you are coming from, you should not go clubbing on your own. It is better if you are in the company of others especially those who live in the city.

  7. Ask for directions from strangers: Lagosians are nice and generally okay people but they have scoundrels within. If you are going someplace, please have the correct address and then take a cab or use any of the taxi services, or use Google Maps. A lot of people do not know where a lot of places are in Lagos and instead of admitting to not knowing the location, they will misdirect visitors.

  8. Rely on Power: There is nothing worse than to think that there is 24 hours of electricity just because you have it for a few hours. Do not rely on Nigeria’s Power Holding Company. They literally live up to their name.


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