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Are You Living in Lagos or Just About to Move in? Check The Things The City of Lagos is famous for

Lagos the center of excellence.

Are You Living in Lagos or Just About to Move in? Check The Things The City of Lagos is famous for

Lagos is, of course, knows as the hub when it comes to commerce and industry. Lagos is also famous for the number of people that live in it. This obviously is responsible for the businesses that start-up on every corner of the state.

This post is not focusing on business instead it is letting you know some of the things that the city is famous for.

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  • Area boys aka Agberos: You cannot live in Lagos and say you have never come across these guys. They are everywhere, at every bus stop, probably the conductor in the net danfo you will enter. They generally mind their business and spar amongst themselves unless they are drunk or high then everyone is open for whatever.
  • Street Vendors: Think of anything you can buy, they probably sell it on the roads in this city. From stationaries, games, books, paintings, sunshades, bicycles and what have you. The same way there are vulcanizers, car washing spots. Just think about what you might need on the road, turn right or left and you’ll find someone selling it.
  • Potholes: Now it will be unfair to the city if we do not mention potholes, I mean that is what causes 80% of the traffic problems in the states. Some of these holes have been there for years and it is plied upon by Lagosians. Oh, you are wondering about the remaining 20%, that one is caused by impatient and troublesome individuals.
  • Drama: If you work in Lagos and have to gout out daily, you will, of course, have watched some scenes and might have acted in a few by yourself. Somebody is always doing something that makes everyone stop and question their sanity. I am sure you are thinking about the last one you encountered right now.
  • Roadside food: This one is not part of Street Vendors. You’ll find these ones on the road but in strategic places or corners selling piping hot bowls of food. Anything from the popular Jollof rice to amala, beans and even yam. Lagosians do not play with their food and their lunch breaks either.
  • Traffic aka Hod up: I know I talked about Traffic when I mentioned potholes but it needs its own slot to be fully talked on. Lagos has traffic running through her veins. It is the blood apparently needed to survive because there is no day where there is no gridlock of some king. People have been known to spend 4-5 hours on a road that will take just 1 hour at the most. If you do not live in Lagos and you are thinking of moving here, make sure you think about this very well


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