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Are you in an emotional relationship? Let us quickly confirm for you

Just to help you confirm what you are doing exactly.

We have written something so similar to this the other day but this part reflects mostly on how you can find yourself in emotional relationship.

It basically explains what an emotional relationship is and how you can find yourself in one even if it is unknowingly.

The Stages of Emotional Affairs don’t form overnight. They usually take some time to develop and cross the line into infidelity. From innocent friendship, infatuation, need for secrecy and then now being emotionally dependent on the person.

  • He or she is the first person you call: Excuse me Sir or Ma if you are not single and someone else apart from your partner is who you call when something good or bad happens, then the said person has become your main emotional confidant.
  • You worry if they don’t call or text: If there is a break in communication and it’s not on your end, you find yourself feeling upset about it, let me just announce to you that you are too emotionally invested in this person.
  • You feel he or she understands you better than your partner does: This one is a risky behaviour because part of the illusion when you are having an affair is that this new person has no flaws and can do no wrong. See what I said there, having an affair. So unless you are single, you are having an affair o
  • There are gifts involved: I am not saying don’t receive or give gifts but if the said gifts given and received are a secret, then it sure looks like an inappropriate gesture.
  • You find yourself comparing the person to your partner: When you find yourself comparing someone else to your partner, what you are doing is sizing them up as a potential partner. Which then means you do not mind cheating on your partner.
  • The intimacy you once had with your partner is decreasing: Because you are cheating on your partner emotionally, you will find yourself pulling back emotionally and sharing less with him or her and then find yourself crossing the boundaries into an emotional affair.
  • You would be hurt and angry if the roles were reversed: Think about how you would feel if your partner had the exact same “friendship” with someone else that you have with this other person. Will there not be painment on your side and your chest hurting like there is no tomorrow? If you would feel betrayed or upset about it, this is a big sign that your behaviour is out of line.


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