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Are you in a relationship worth keeping? These signs will confirm if you are

Dear Person in a Relationship, you should read this.


Relationships are one of the things that make life such a beautiful gift. Relationship with family, friends, co-workers and of course, lovers. Some of these relationships span years while some get cut short or die due to different circumstances.

Here are 7 different signs that will let you know if a particular relationship is worth keeping. The first one is of great importance as it can override all of the other points.

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  • Knowing the relationship can end at any time: This may sound like a particularly gloomy way to start a list, but the best relationships are ones in which both people recognize the fact that it could change, and possibly even end at any given time. These people are the ones who give it their all including the freedom to allow the relationship to mould itself into whatever it wants.
  • No one is playing mind games: The most valuable relationships are the ones that do not feature any mind games. You both know who the other person is, love them for being that way, and can each be yourself comfortably without pressure or not focusing on screwing up a number of times along the way.
  • The past is in the past: The best of any kind of relationship is the one that can overcome any challenge the two of you may have faced at one point in time. Rather than holding on to the past sins or issues, the choice to let the past go and be in the present allows both people to fully enjoy everything that the other has to offer.
  • Being different is not a bad thing: Differences will surely arise in even the most naturally compatible of relationships, and those who know their relationships are worth keeping tend to not let those differences come between them. Many relationships are built off of similarities and that is a good thing but having some sort of difference is not a bad thing too.
  • You lift each other up: The most valuable relationships are those in which each individual helps the other rise from whatever hardship. This help can come in different forms which might include truly listening, providing reminders, or just being there, but no matter how it comes it always does everything it can to ensure that the other person is never alone.
  • Celebrate not compare: The best relationships are those in which there is no ego of any kind especially the one that is based on comparisons. Instead, there is genuine happiness for the accomplishments of the other person


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