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Are You Good Financially This Year? Read This To Plan Ahead


See ehn, never use small eye to look at people in this life!

Allow me to share a short story with you.

Recently, as I came out of an eatery – one Range Rover was passing and splashed small water from the ground on me. Which kind wahala??

I had already rolled my sleeves and was shouting curse with voice at the highest volume when someone wound down and said “wait wait – is this not Odunayo from Somolu??”

My eye was still red when I realized it was Quadri – one small boy from my neighborhood that as at when we were 14 was still picking things from his nose to eat them. Now, having so-so police escort with strong face everywhere. Na wa. Abi is he running for president? (I asked myself)

MeQuadri di Quadri! How far? You’re a chairman now o! How you do am? Are you in politics?

QuadriAh ah OD my guy, politics ke? Can’t you see I don’t have potbelly? The main things were that I just found capital to grow my small business, closely tracked my finances, and made some great investments – but I had the right kind of support.

I sharply begged him to let me follow him around Lagos and write about his story – just so that maybe it can help us also blow in 2019 o,

Dear reader, Na so i follow Quadri on how he hustles smarter to reach his goals financially. His story is too sweet abeg!
(I first made him clean the dirty water on my white traditional sha. Me sef I can do like big man.)

Want to be ahead like Quadri in planning and achieving your dream financially? Read on.

How was your 2018? I hope you had a great year. If you’re willing to share, I’d love to hear about your main financial achievement last year.

As I planned my goals financially for 2019, I started to think about what the best things from 2018 that I wanted to continue building on. It’s no magic! You just have to work for it.

Whilst you’re younger, checking in on your economic reputation financially would possibly seem like some thing which can wait. However, mechanically assessment in which you stand can benefit you these days and down the road.

Right here are few steps to remember:


  • UNDERSTAND YOUR ASSETS AND LIABILITIES: The belongings you own and the debts or liabilities you’ve got decide your net really worth. Property might encompass cash, financial savings, stocks, bonds, retirement money owed, real property and whatever else of price including vehicles or collectibles. Liabilities may encompass a loan, student loans, vehicle loans, bills due and credit score card debt. Do not forget calculating your internet worth yearly through including the price of all your assets and subtracting your liabilities. This can assist you preserve tabs on your common economic image.
  • ACCESS YOUR GOALS: Once a year, think about your quick- medium- and long-time period dreams. Are each still applicable? How many tons of money do they cost? Are you heading in the right direction to fulfill them? Some long-term goals, inclusive of visiting in retirement, might not change substantially year to 12 months. Quick-time period goals, which include paying off a Loan Bill, and medium-time period desires, together with saving for a residence, may also alternate extra regularly. You might determine to reevaluate it once every 3 to 6 months.
  • NAME YOUR BENEFICIARIES: While you open a retirement account or buy an insurance coverage, you’ll likely be requested to call a beneficiary (Next of Kin mostly in Nigeria)—the person that might collect from the account within the event of your dying. Marriage, the birth of children, divorce and loss of life can affect your choice. Generally your spouse is your default beneficiary, but you furthermore may can also want to designate kids or a person else. Even though designations probably will now not change often, it’s still a very good concept to check your elections every year to ensure they’re nonetheless suitable.



Follow these, stay fit financially, be good and enjoy life. Life is risky they said; but they never said it’s not enjoyable


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