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Are you dating an Introvert? These are 5 things that are important to note

Are you dating or about to start a relationship with one? These are 5 things worthy of note.

Are you dating an Introvert? These are 5 things that are important to note

Whether you like it or not, not everyone will be an extrovert or even an ambivert. The dynamics of the people existing makes it okay to be anything and a whole bunch of people are sitting on this Introvert table. No, we are not breaking the table. This post is to help you understand them better and not think of them as aloof or proud.  You have to realize that they have many desirable qualities that make them unique.

Introverts really don’t mind spending time in solitude, in fact, that is how they get energy; from being alone. In dating an introvert, it’s important to understand their personality traits so your relationship can thrive and be healthy.

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  • Introverts may have a hard time sharing their feelings with you: Introverts can sometimes be termed secretive because they take a while to open up and share with someone else. Sometimes, they feel overwhelmed by conflicting and turbulent circumstances that withdraw or close up instead. The best thing to do is to not pressure them if they don’t want to open up just yet, simply tell them they can talk to you whenever they feel the need to do so.
  • They stay away from loud, crowded places: Your introverted partner would most probably not want to party with you or hang out in places that will be noisy and bustling. When they even decide to, you realise that they don’t stay out long. Hectic and loud places sometimes have an overwhelming effect on them.
  • Introverts love having deep, stimulating conversations: If you are a great conversationalist who is not a novice to deep and stimulating conversations, then you get an A in this department. This is an important part of your dating. Not saying they do not do fun or have light-hearted conversations but they mostly tend to this side.
  • They require a lot of time alone to restore their energy: Introverts like their space. They also like to be left alone because they need time to decompress and rejuvenate. What you should not do as their partner is to make them feel guilty or wrong for needing some space.
  • An introvert takes a while to open up to others: An introvert needs time to time to feel comfortable with you which is why you need to have a great deal of patience when dating them. If an Introvert sees that you find them interesting, not afraid of taking the time to know them or be patient, they will open up to you because of your support.


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