Are You Broke At The Moment? Here Are 4 Cities In Nigeria You Can Comfortably Survive In

Best Cities To Live On A Budget In Nigeria


Nigeria, the giant of Africa, is one of the best places to live in west Africa with Lagos, Port-harcourt and Abuja being the most popular cities in the country. The excitement and fun never stops in this amazing places when you have the money to pay for it.

But hey! Do you know that there are other places in Nigeria where you can enjoy the same niceties just like Abuja and lagos? This was my big puzzle when I discovered that my pocket could not keep up with the ‘lagos lifestyle’.

The current economic problems in the country has forced a lot of citizens out of their dream cities in Nigeria because the cost of living in this cities is not cheap. So, are there other cheap cities to live in Nigeria?

Of course there are cheap places with low cost of living in Nigeria but many of them do not offer great opportunities for creating and making wealth. A major factor you want to consider is availability of jobs and employment, transportation and a host of other opportunities enjoyed in lagos or Abuja but not as costly as both cities.

And so, you are not just looking for the cheapest cities in Nigeria but you are looking for the best cities to live in Nigeria on a low budget.

So, here are the 4 best cities to live in Nigeria if you are on a budget.

1. Ibadan City:

Ibadan is neighbor to lagos and it has been around in existence for years even as it is home to the university college(now university of Ibadan) – the premier university in Nigeria. These properties make Ibadan a hidden garden of some sort. This has not affected the rates of housing, basic social provisions, transportation which until today are still reasonably low.


2. Aba City:

Aba, of Abia state, is one the major economic centers in Nigeria today. With a flair for hand crafts, aba remains a prominent city in the heart of south eastern Nigeria. Fortunately, the cost of living is relatively low and accommodating for any individual.


3. Zaria:

Zaria was formerly known as zazzau. It is also a old city and like Ibadan, It houses one of the biggest universities in Nigeria today – the Ahmadu Bello University. Zaria, a city in the fast growing Kaduna state, is known as a major trade center in the northern Hausa community. The cost of living is not surprisingly low just like any conservative northern city in Nigeria.

4. Onitsha:

Onitsha is a city in anambra state of the south eastern Nigeria. Located in Onitsha is the biggest trade center in west Africa known to be the Onitsha main market. Even with these opportunities as good as lagos, the cost of living in onitsha is also relatively low.


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