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Are you about to date a Lady who has been single for a while? These things are bound to happen!

She is going to be a truckload of work but the reward is worth it Mr.

Are you about to date a Lady who has been single for a while? These things are bound to happen!

I know that lady has been giving you a hard time and you are wondering how to go about it seeing as it is not your fault that she was single for that long neither can you be blamed for coming to save her from her singlehood. So why all the stress?

Just know that she has been out of the game for a while and some of the rules of dating have not applied to her in a while.

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  • Being alone is her thing: She’s has been single for a while and she is used to spending her time all alone and it has been her zone for a while. Do not be surprised when she withdraws into that place from time to time because that is where she feels the safest in.
  • She’ll tell you she doesn’t believe in love: Whenever she says his, silently say haq haq haq because she dey lie give you. Getting attached to someone is a new and strange feeling or zone for her and she is trying to safeguard herself as much as possible. It is not that she likes being single.
  • She refuses to be vulnerable: Most people have the fear of opening up to someone, to letting them in and showing our deepest emotions. Well, she has that problem as well and that is okay. Convince her that it is okay to be vulnerable with you
  • She’ll appear too strong for you: This is what oyinbo man calls camouflage. Don’t be scared of all that fronting, she just looks like that because she is used to being on her own. She has to appear like a badass because she has had to depend solely on herself for a while.
  • She’ll think she doesn’t need you: As long as you do not let her believe it, then you’ll be okay in the long run. She thinks that she can do everything by herself as per she has been doing it by herself and she doesn’t need anyone’s help, physical or emotional. Convince her.
  • She’ll pull away: Do not take it the wrong way when it happens, She is not pulling back because she doesn’t like you. She is pulling back because she likes you, and she’s scared.
  • She will be a lot of work: Broda mi, I know she always tells you that she has everything under control and that you should not worry about a thing or that she’ll take care of it. She is independent and stubborn and it will take a lot of time for her to adjust to you and her new life. But she is a challenge worth taking, trust me.

If you must date her then you must be ready to take all the things you find in it….. Thanks for reading!


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